Offence (old)

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Offence [old] (1991-1992)

NOR> Comajim (Joachim Rott, music, ex New Wave, new mid92), Vimme (gfx, ex
     New Wave, new mid92-07/92).

Offence was a norwegian demo group formed by Jawbreaker, Pal and Perplex
from Scoopex late 1991, and one of their first acts was recruiting musician
Lizard from the c64 group Megastyle Inc (MSI). Their full memberlist, as
published in Pure Metal Coders and New Wave's "R.A.W #2" [02/92], was Rob
(swap), Rex (crack), Lord Mindless (code), Timewalker (music), Lizard
(music), Jawbreaker (code), Pal (gfx) and Perplex (code).
  1992 - They recruited some of the best members from New Wave in the middle
of 1992, and seemed to be headed for greatness. When the group feel apart,
several of the members found their way to the commercial gamesmaking
business instead of back to the scene in new groups. Norwegian coders
Jawbreaker (Anders Dybdahl, ex Scoopex) and Lord Mindless (ex Dual Crew,
07/92) both started working on commercial projects, and RamJet/PMC (now
Spaceballs) was involved with Jawbreaker's latest game. Another one of the
founders, the Norwegian graphician Pal (ex Scoopex) left the scene to do
graphics for Nintendo games. Fairfax (gfx, ex Pure Metal Coders), Moxy
(swap, ex Cytax), and Lizard (music, ex Megastyle Inc.) all joined Andromeda
around october.

Norwegian Peavey joined Devils.
Norwegians Lion (ex Vision, new RAW3), Jawbreaker (ex Scoopex) and
  Vigilante (trade) joined Alliance. For more on Jawbreaker, see the
  history section of this entry.
Amitech, sysop 'THE PHANTOM ZONE', ex Vision, new RAW3, left the scene.
Swedish sysops Bill and Ted ('CRIME ZONE', ex Skid Row ) joined Quartex
Norwegian cracker Rex (new RAW2) sold his machine and left the scene
  (RAW4). However, the same mag later claimed he changed his name to Rook
  and joined Andromeda... (RAW5).
Two of the people closely involved with R.A.W, coeditor Kingpin (ex New
  Wave, new RAW3) and coder Perplex (ex Scoopex), joined Pure Metal Coders
Ceel is not and will never be in Offence! (RAW3).
Norwegians Rob and Timewalker (both ex The Silents, new RAW2) rejoined The
  Silents (RAW3).

  Sourcery (1992, 15.04, ECS Demo).
  3rd in The Gathering 92 demo competition.