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This game is an official conversion, tie-in or a blatant rip-off, see Lost In Translation/Out Run
This game is part of a series. For more information, see Out Run series.
Out Run
Out Run screenshot
Composer(s) Jason Brooke
Team(s) Probe
Publisher(s) U.S. Gold
Music Format(s) Soundtracker
Jason Brooke
Year published 1988

The original arcade version of Out Run was a landmark in arcading history, boasting large, colourful, scaled sprites with fast, smooth gameplay and a memorable soundtrack. Probe, creators of the Amiga version, appeared to have overlooked all of these things!

Although the interface resembled the Atari ST version, the rest of the graphics weren't exactly the same. So it's possible that the Amiga version wasn't just another lame ST port, which was normally a good excuse for a bad Amiga game.

The arcade version had an original feature that allowed you to choose one of three pieces of music before you started the race. Probe probably thought the converted music was so dire that you would opt to turn the music off! As such, no music select screen was present and only two of the three main themes were converted to the Amiga.

The arcade version had plenty of scenery whizzing by the track as you raced from stage to stage, to help generate a feeling of speed. The Amiga version had sparse detail, which begs the question of why did it take so long to load between each stage?

It would take another three years before the Amiga had a similar looking car racing game that showed what could be done. That game was Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.


UnExoticA Music Files


Download archive Game/Brooke_Jason/Out_Run.lha
There are two different versions of the hideous intro, one for the Sega release and one for the U.S. Gold release.

The Unused folder contains a version of the soundtrack that includes an unfinished version of subsong 3 (Passing Breeze).

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png jcb.out_run 57186 Jason Brooke Out Run 1988 U.S. Gold / Probe
File List Indent v2.png mod.outrun wordsfirst 182752 Jason Brooke Out Run 1988 U.S. Gold / Probe
File List Indent v2.png mod.segaoutrun 170838 Jason Brooke Out Run 1988 Sega / U.S. Gold / Probe
File List End v2.png Unused
File List Blank v2.pngFile List End v2.png jcb.out_run 57186 Jason Brooke Out Run 1988 U.S. Gold / Probe
Sunday 25 February 2001 (XtC): Added to collection
Monday 06 April 2015 (XtC): Added full version of JCB soundtrack and an alternate intro from the Sega version.

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