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ITA> Leo (sysop 'DEVIL'S SHELTER' EHQ, early94).
GER> Snowman (sysop 'NERVE CENTRE').
SWE> Vegas (sysop 'OVERLOAD', early94), Whoosh (sysop 'NIGHTFALL',
     triplememb Over The Top and Devious Dezigns, 01/95).
HOL> Fate (swap, ex Vandalz, new late93-late95).
BEL> Deathrider (sysop 'WICKED CITY', 04/95), Flynn (swap pack sysop 'LOST
     CITADEL', 12/93-02/95), Toxic (sysop 'EURO TRADE CENTER' later
     'TOXICITY', early94-97).
DEN> Jzon (sysop 'STATIC CHAOS', 04/95), Nashua (sysop 'MEGABYTE', 04/95),
     Tropeduft (music, ex Vision).
AUS> Daffy Duck (modem, 08-09/95).
USA> New Jack (sysop 'NEW JACK CITY').
???> Act (bel? code, ex Damian, 97), Alcid, Biscrok (music), Colorboy (ex
     Mystic), Dave, Elric (ex Anastasia), Ghost (ex New Data), He-Man (bel?
     02/95), Ironman, Jef (ex Iris), Jez (code), Kaze (gfx), Mike, MRX (bel?
     music, 97), NTSC (ex Delirium), Optic (bel? gfx, 97), SMS (bel? 02/95),
     Trevor, Yoga (ex Iris).

Boards; TOWER OF SORCERY (usa, early94), BLACK FOREST (usa, early94), THE
     CELLAR (usa, early94), DELTA CITY (ita, early94), DARK ANGEL (bel,

Trader Fixart joined Ram Jam.
Kenshiro joined Classic new.
Dv8 was kicked.
Bulldog (sysop) was kicked out due to lazyness.
Modem Boy (sysop) joined Classic.
American sysop Circuit Breaker ('DIGITAL EXTASY' WHQ, 01/94) joined Hoodlum.

  64k Intro (1993, early/mid, ECS Intro).
  code: Trevor, gfx: Alcid, music: Arpegiator.

  Nooduitgang (1997, ECS 40k Intro).
  code: Act, gfx: Optic, music: MRX.
  3rd in the Belgian Scene Event 97 40k intro competition.
  review: After some brief precalculation, this intro opens with some
  credits ('the gangsters are back!'). Next is a water-ripple effect over a
  picture of a smiling face. I've seen better examples, but OK. Next...is a
  black screen. The music (whcih btw isn't half bad!) continues and
  continues, but nothing mreo appears on the screen... What is it with these
  Belgian guys? And no, it doesn't help my mood that I can't exit it the
  left mousebutton. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.