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Oxyron (OXY, http://www.oxyron.de)

GER> Dante (code, 12/94-12/98), Graham (John Selck, code, 12/94-12/98), TTS
     (Michael Piepgras, code raytrace, 12/94-12/98).
???> Gandalf (ger? gfx, 12/95), No XS (ger? music, 12/96).

Oxyron came from the C64 with some of that scene's best coders; people like
TTS and Graham made history on the 64. Anyone who's seen an Oxyron demo on
the 64 know what these people are capable of - stuff like Doom routines and
even a good looking, fast zoomrotator! Graham released a 3D engine
(B-Engine V0.1) to aminet (gfx/aga) in june 97, capable of loading Duke
Nukem 3D maps from the PC! Unfortunately it requires an FPU, so I haven't
been able to check it out... He's also the author of the Arc64 utility,
useful for processing C64 files suitable for emulators. And to top it off,
he also worked on a few productions for top german group Artwork. TTS coded
the 3D 'Doom clone' games "Trapped" and "Trapped 2". Other productions by
Oxyron include Mindless (bbs intro), Meeting 95 (aga intro) and Scala 4 (aga
demo, cooperation with Phantasm).
  1994 - The first ever Oxyron demo on the amiga was released in december,
under the title "Killing Time" [12/94].
  1996 - German coder Axis (12/94-12/95) joined Arsenic late 96, but worked
on "Dreizehn" [12/98], suggesting he may have returned to the group in the
mean time?
  1997 - Graham contributed some routines to Artwork's "Exit Planet Dust"
[03/97] demo for The Gathering 97.

  Killing Time (1994, 28.12, AGA Multifile, 4 disks).
  code: Dante, Axis, TTS, gfx: TTS (raytrace), music: Starfox.
  10th in The Party 4 demo competition.
  review: Some cool raytraced opening logos mark the first ever Oxyron demo
  on the Amiga. Then...it crashes my machine :) I don't know what the
  problem is, since it's supposedly AGA and everything, but... It's just one
  of those things I guess! Anyone can help me get it to work? [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Hopefully Dead (AGA ?MB File).
  code: Axis, gfx: TTS (raytrace), music: Unison/Impact DK.
  review: Are these people antichristian or what? This demo opens with an
  inverted cross and ends with a pentagram. Anyway, their religious faiths
  aside, this little demo is not half bad. Once it gets going, it opens a
  rather obnoxious border which looks like grey marble, and which stays
  there for the remainder of the demo. Irritating. Anyway, some of the
  effects presented in the little box in the middle is a wormhole effect,
  fire, two spacecut texturemapped cubes over plasma (!), a crystal-mapped
  glass vector cube with mirrormapping, and a voxel landscape that tilts
  left and right...and that's it. We're quickly shown the credits, a few
  brief greetings, and then the aforementioned pentagram. All the effects
  were fast and nice on the 030, with no hint of slowdown anywhere.
    The music is techno, as usual, but a rather unobnoxious incognito tune.
  Not enough mem to run on unexpanded A1200, so it obviously requires some
  fast memory. No release date found anywhere in the demo. [glenn]
  GLE tested A12020/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Temple of Decease (1995, 23.04, AGA? File).
  code/gfx: TTS (raytrace), music: Aids Positive.
  3rd in the Black Box Symposium demo competition.
  review: I really like this. There's good routines, good tempo...
  The music is kind of bland, but doesn't really draw down the overall
  effect. Stuff on offer here is, a.o. phong-shaded donuts, mapped vectors,
  space-cut spheres... Very very OK. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/020-14/2mb chip/3.0.

  Exorcism (1995, 28.12, AGA ?MB Multifile).
  code: Axis, Graham, TTS, gfx: Gandalf, music: No-XS.
  28th in The Party 5 demo competition.
  review: Exorcism opens with a zoomscroller and follows that with a
  rendered title picture by Gandalf. Not a 'wow' start exactly, especially
  since none of this is set to music. Next is the not-so-cool logo, and then
  the show starts proper, with a lightsource texturemapped sphere spinning
  around the screen to the first bars of the (not so good) techno
  soundtrack... Next is fast, smooth fractal zoomer, and then a blocky but
  wellexecuted voxel landscape. Then phonged, texturemapped torus comes on,
  which is far from the best or fastest I've seen. A voxeltunnel is next,
  which abruptly ends when it commences loading the endpart.
    This is a demo of the Doom clone "Trapped" (done by Oxyron members),
  which looks quite fast and advanced - especially for 1995. Requires some
  fast, don't know how much. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  No Roxy (1995, 28.12, 4k Intro).
  code: Graham. Released for The Party 5 4k intro competition.
  review: Wow! Graham may have expanded his abilities to include the Amiga,
  but he has certainly not lost his ability to impress! This 4k'er opens
  with a nicelooking effect perhaps best described as plasmaflame. This goes
  on for a small while, before we're shown some kind of fractal morpher.
  This is also a good routine, which even has some background graphics.
  Pressing the left mouse button takes us to the endpart, with a text
  plotter over a fractal image of the mandelbrot set.
    The endtext mentions a C64 version... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Death Sentence (1996, 07.04, AGA HD Demo).
  4th in the Symposium 96 demo competition.

  Phongfree (1996, 28.12, 40k Intro).
  code: TTS, gfx: none, music: No XS.
  Winner of The Party 6 40k intro competition!

  Partyhall (1997, 30.03, Demo).
  7th in the Mekka Symposium 97 demo competition.

  Suicide (1997, 28.12, 40k Intro).
  3rd in The Party 7 40k intro competition.
  review: Here's a novel approach: Some actual innovation! Ofcourse, if
  there were to be any innovation, these guys are perhaps not the last ones
  we would consider. There are some quality coders in this group, and they
  have impressed us massively in the past - on several platforms :D
    I don't really know how to explain to you what effects are on offer
  here, since I'll swear to god there are a couple in here I've never seen
  before! This intro probably wants a machine a little more powerful than
  mine; it moves a little slowly here and there. And that fractal-animation
  stuff is a thing of beauty! No credits appear anywhere in the intro.
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  Dreizehn (1998, 28.12, AGA/CGX/P96 HD File).
  code: Axis, Dante, Graham, TTS, gfx: Axis, Dante, Bifat/TEK, AEG/Smash
  Designs, music: Bifat/TEK. 2nd in The Party 98 demo competition.