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Panic (1990-1992)

GER> Al Capone (Jan Willutzki, swap, late90), Crazy Maze (Markus, music, new
     mid92), Destinator (code), Dust (gfx, 10/91), Dux (swap), Flagg (Kai,
     mainorg, 10/91-92), Jesus (code), Manhunter (founder music, ex Bitch
FIN> Alfred (swap), Crom (Markus Vattulainen), Deetsay (music, doublememb
     Insane [details]), Gazer (Niko Varjonen, code), Kid Frost (Mikko
     Lehtonen, music).
ENG> Bub and Bob (sysops 'BUBBLE BOBBLE').
???> Aerobase (swap), Apollo (ex Vanish), Blackstar (trade), Boogieman
     (sysop), Funky (Jochen), Hawkwind (sysop), Hotmilk (sysop, ex
     Fairlight), Kiwi, Marlow (trade), Skytec (gfx, 10/91), Skyfox (Sven),
     SMS (sysop), Sniper (Harald), X-Pert (trade).

Panic was born around july 1990 by members of Bitch Magnet. They were under
the leadership of Flagg for their entire existence. The date of the group's
'death' (or rather split) is a little uncertain, but it was not long after
the cooperation with Agnostic Front split, possibly sometime in 92. At the
time of the group's death, Jesus was coding a trackmo that never got
released. This trackmo contained about six modules by CONS (Raphael, new
09/91), and when the project fell through he lost his scene motivation. He
remained inactive from the scene for several years, before reentering the
scene on the pc as a member of n-Factor in 1996.
  1991 - Scott joined Magnetic Fields around the middle of the year. German
musician CONS joined in september. German musician Dr.Headcrash (later
Virgill!) left around october.
  1992 - Germans Lynxx (music, 10/91) and Foxx joined The Silents early in
the year. German musician Crazy Maze joined the group, and together with
C.O.N.S. the two built up the music label CMC Music Factory. One of the
final things to happend to the group was their cooperation with Agnostic
Front, under the title Panic Agnostic Front (PAF). A few intros were
released under this name. German musician Emax left for TRSI in december.

Expert joined Poison.
DJ Head (ger code) and Skaga got kicked.
Gambler (trade) and Montana Rice got kicked.
German coder Piranha (10/91) joined The Silents.
Rator, sysop 'WONDERLAND' joined Agnostic Front.
German swapper Trasher (ex Hardline) joined Sanity, and took his pack
  'Trashpack' with him.

  Plural-Mäsmä-Writer (ECS Intro).
  code: Gazer, gfx: none, music: Kid Frost (sample).
  review: Definitely alternative, this. It consists of a textwriter on top
  of a bouncing blue-patterned background with a horizontal starfield in
  front. In addition, there's a rather obscure music sample playing.
  "Stooop that traaain, I wanna geeet off!"... You won't die if you don't
  get this, but you might just enjoy it... [glenn]
  GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ¼mb fast/2.04.
             A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Morphic Fields BBS (Intro).
  Cooperation with Agnostic Front, see there for info.

  Space Egg (ECS).
  code: The Piranha, gfx: Dust, music: Manhunter.
  review: In 1000 WASTED DREAMS, Piranha mentions 'my last demo Space Egg',
  meaning that this was released before the '1000' demo.

  demo (1991, 23.12, ECS Demo).
  Released for the Vision and Mirage X-Mas Party demo competition.

  1000 Wasted Dreams (1991, 19.10, ECS Trackmo).
  code: The Piranha, gfx: Skytec, Dust, music: Virgill/Coma (intro), "Sado
  Goredon" by C.O.N.S, "Panic-Movie" by Lynxx.
  Winner of the Action Party 91 demo competition!
  review: A true horror example of generic design, this follows the two
  magic formulas; the logo-bar-effect-bar screen layout and the effect-
  textscreen-effect rhythm. The music and graphics are barely functional.
  The music in the opening part, that chip-style thing, seems unrippable.
    The music in the main part bugs (note: cons says it's not the music, but
  the code to fade out the track), and it crashes after loading the endpart.
  It boots the whole thing, then gurus. However, the main part of the demo
  worked perfectly. No time to check with caches off. Thanks to CONS for
  clearing a few things up, like the music credits! =] [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0 -- Note: See review!