Panoramic Designs (amiga)

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Panoramic Designs (PD, 1990-)

NOR> Buzz (Stig Bakken, gfx, 91), Condor (Marius Kintel, code, 91), Jostein
     (Jostein Hoel, code, 91), Shagul (Terje Semb, 91), TRS (Trond Sausjord,
     code gfx, 91).

PD was originally a C64 group, and was formed late 1990 by the former
Norwegian division of Armada. Their first production "Amiga First" [10/90]
was released at the No Limits & Imp-666 Amiga Conference 90, announcing the
group's birth.

  Amiga First (1990, 06.10, ECS File).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Stemmingsfullezeb" by n/a (ProTracker MOD
  6th in the No Limits & Imp-666 Amiga Conference 90 demo competition.

  Never Again (1991, ECS Trackmo).
  code: Jostein (loader), Condor (flag, loader, tech-tech, fractal, gods),
  TRS dragon anim, gods, loader), gfx: TRS (loader logo, flag, loadergfx,
  gods, endpart), Dungeon Master/DM (dragon anim, loader), Buzz (tech-tech),
  music: "Michelangelos Dream" by Headx/Andromeda (ProTracker MOD format),
  TRS (sample).
  info: Probably released at The Party 91, but I'm not 100% sure.