Parasite (old)

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Parasite [old] (PST, 1992-)

DEN> Beadwave, Colin (raytrace, new mid93), Krueger (swap, 09/92), Liquid
     (Martin Larsson, music, ex The Elektronic Knights, new 06/92-12/93),
     Pearl (ex Angelica), Splatt (gfx, 12/92), Steffen (Steffen Rabenborg,
     swap pack, ex Quartz, old handle Speedy, 12/92), Tas (code, ex Palace,
     new 06-12/92), Xarium (code, ex Balance, later Rebels, new mid93).
???> Bored (ex Rednex, new early 92), Conan (code), Doktor (ex The
     Elektronic Knights, new 06/92), Douglas (code, old handle Solid,
     01/93), Fred (ex The Elektronic Knights, new 06/92), Nut Weelin (music,
     ex The Elektronic Knights, new 06/92-01/93).

Parasite was originally founded by Dino and Peter in 1992. The original
founders later left, and declared the group to be dead. An attempt to revive
it was made by Danish superswapper Speedy, but this was quickly denied by
the original founders, now active on the PC. See the entry for Parasite
[new] for more information on this. The two founders now run Parasite PC,
and the Amiga section is officially dead and will never be revived.
  News in EuroChart #15 (declaring the group's birth) reported that Dino,
Slide, Mount, Easley, Shayera and Gargoyle all came here from Cult, which
conflicts rather extensively with my information... Can anyone confirm or
deny if Shayera's PST-Tracker [12/92] was ever released?

Founder Dino (ex TSC/Prologic, new mid91-01/93) and Gotcha joined Spoon.
Danish coder Shayera (ex Cult, new 06/90) and Jack got kicked.
Danes Yeager and Mongole (both ex Illusion, new 06/90) joined Surprise!
Danish musician Slide (10/92-12/93) joined Polka Brothers, first as a
  doublememb, and later fulltime. Later danes Gargoyle (code, ex Aero,
  10-12/92), Easley (org swap, 09-12/92), Mount (gfx, 09-10/92) and Pixie
  (gfx, ex Triax, new mid93) also joined.

  Fuck Her Brains Out packmenu (1992, ECS Intro).
  code: Gargoyle, gfx: Splatt (logo), Easley (font), music: Slide.
  review: Nice but unspectacular, is the menu for Speedy's pack FHBO. The
  menu always opens with the number of the current issue flashed onto the
  screen, before it spins onto a cube that moves to the bottom right of the
  screen. Then a 'PST' is overlaid onto it, and the two spin happily until
  you decide to make a selection =) Across the top of the screen resides a
  heavily dithered PARASITE logo by SPlatt, below which the title and number
  of the pack resides. Below that again, across the middle of the screen, is
  the place where you can make a mouse-driven decision about what to view,
  and the bottom has the aforementioned vector cube spinning in the right
  corner, and a text plotter across the rest. Dark blue bubbles float up
  behind the onscreen text and logo at all times. Overall not the worst
  packintro around.
    The intro was used for all issues released, I believe - the issue
  reviewed here was #6 [92]. Remarkably no compatibility issues were
  encountered, even when booting the pack from df1: [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Imperial Tunes (1992, 15.10, ECS Musicdisk).
  code: Gargoyle, Tas, gfx: Slide (font), Splatt (logo), Airwalk/Kefrens
  (font), music: "Insane People!", "Bones Brigade", "Caused by Bordom",
  "free From Wires!", "Hidden Rebel" by Slide, "Always", "Free", "Cold
  Destiny", "Strings In Space" by Liquid.
  info: Released before THE FOUR SEASONS. Apprently very good. Contains
  secret part.

  Zyclonium (1992, 28.12, ECS File).
  code: Gargoyle, Tas, gfx: Splatt (dragonlogo, endpartlogo, cycloniumlogo),
  Easley (dragonlogo, greenborders, rotatescrolllogo), Dino (crystals,blue
  parasitelogo), music: "Mesmerized" by Slide (PP21 format).
  16th in The Party 92 demo competition.

  Demo 2 (1993, ECS File).
  code: Gargoyle, Tas, gfx: Splatt, Colin (raytrace), Dino (additional),
  Slide (additional), music: "Vodka" by Slide.
  Review: An extensive demo with several new and innovative effects, plus
  heaps of graphics. The tune is a forgettable funk affair.
    The demo requires minimum 1mb total memory. Type SECRET PART for the
  hidden part (a vector-world and a text-plotter). The supposed '8 spheres'
  is just 5 spheres and 3 sprites, as revealed in Upstream #7!
  Zeg claims the relase date is 01/94...? [glenn]
  GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
             A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  The Four Seasons (1993, .01, ECS Musicdisk).
  code: Solid, gfx: Dino, music: "Winter Time" by Nut Weelin, "Pseudo My
  Mous", "Drums by an Alien", "Trains of Horror", Minor After Minor", "The
  Great Warrior", "Bali Dancer" by Liquid, "Blending", "Obtain Majority" by
  Slide (all mods PP21 format). Released after The Party 2.

  Imperial Tunes 2 -The Hitsingle- (1993, 19.05, ECS Musicdisk).
  code: Gargoyle, Tas, gfx: Mount (others), Splatt (loadergfx), Slide
  (font), music: "Believe In Me", "Judgement Day" by Slide & Liquid,
  "Introtune" by Liquid (all mods PP21 formats).

  Pink In Mono (1993, .12)

  The Dentro 1 (1993, 28.12, File).
  code: Gargoyle, gfx: Splatt, music: Slide (PP21 format).

  Dansk Toppen #03 (1994, 26.08, ECS/AGA Diskmag).
  code: The Whistle/Parasite (intro part), gfx: Bizzardt/Parasite
  (intropart), Devilstar/Spaceballs (aga titlepic), music: "Techno7-tw" by
  The Whistle (Tracker Packer 3 format). Cooperation with Razor 1911.