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AUS> Rabbi (swap), Sumaleth (Rowan Crawford, gfx).

Australian musician Hunz (ex Southern Guild, 94) joined Sauce early 94.

  Vacation 2 (Demo).
  Code: n/a, Gfx: n/a, Music: Subject/Balance (ProRunner 2.0 format).

  Satisfaction Guaranteed (1993, 05.12, ECS File).
  Code: Netrunner, Gfx: Alchemist, Music: Mel.

  Rosedale BBS Intro (1993, 27.12, ECS Intro).
  Code: Flex/Davlex Design, Gfx: Sumaleth, Music: Ginseng/Alchemy.
  Released at The Party 93.

  Pearl Party 94 (1994, .01, ECS File).

  Pearl Party Update (1994, 11.03, ECS File).
  Code: Netrunner, Gfx: Sumaleth, Music: Astroboy.

  Doomed (1994, 20.05, ECS File).
  Code: Netrunner, Tachyon, Gfx: Sumaleth, Alchemist, Music: Astroboy.