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Platman box scan

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Composer(s) John Hardie (Title)
Adam Lucas (Ingame)
Team(s) John Hardie
Publisher(s) Frenetic
Music Format(s) Protracker
Year published 1995

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Download archive Game/Hardie_John/Platman.lha
All but a couple of the title music samples come from the module "take a trip from me" by Jim Young (U4Ia). The ingame music is lifted entirely from the commercial Codemasters game "Captain Dynamo".

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png mod.FANTASTIK.mod 65518 John Hardie Platman Frenetic 1995
File List End v2.png mod.Mod.PLATMAN 36464 Adam Lucas Captain Dynamo Codemasters 199x
Sunday 30 September 2001 (Kyzer): Added to collection

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