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Spaceman (1996, Musicdisk)

Review by Zito

Ram Jam gives you the good advice to link your Amiga to a powerful stereo hi-fi and I would do it if I were you... Everythings starts with a nice chiptune as introduction and a dark-colored voxel routine. Well, of course not everything but this small-design musicdisk does it. After you were allowed to watch some brilliant logos pixeled by Ilian you make a little trip through this voxel-landscape until the music fades out and the menu shows up. Also here you will have twice a look at the very modern and cyber-like design. Only the scroller graphics look too old for the rest of this production. They give the overall very smart design - which does not mean that it is not good - a worse smack! But let us talk about the music which is in any case the more important thing while rating a musicdisk. En-joy, a musician I haven`t heard about before (Sorry!), composed five modules with the good old protracker for us. While sweet melodies - more familar with funky styles, a bit hip-hop influenced and inspired by slow pop than techno - are played you can also hear some good sampled speeches. Especially the voice of the woman in "Music Is My Light" which is by the way my favorite tune. Queel guitare sounds in "The Spaceman" and smooth pianos in "Endless Mornings" round the whole thing off. The only other thing that sucks besides the scroller is the yellow standard font which is used to show you the information and titles.

Tested A1200/030-42/2mb chip, 8mb fast.