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Share and Enjoy (SAE, 1987-1992)

SAE was formed in 1987 by Comrade J, and within 3 years had about 30 members and had joined Megaforce (which shortly became Scoopex) as a subgroup. Their life as a Scoopex subgroup was short - because of conflicting interests (SAE wanted to do demos, SCX wanted originals and cracks), they left the group and continued on their own (though Scoopex claim they were kicked). The group died around 1991 - 92 after their last major demo, "Impossible Playfields" [10/90], since all the group's coders found work that took up all their time. Several members also joined Anarchy.

There were three SAE copy/demo parties in Croydon in the summers of 1988, 1989 and 1990, but information on these are scarce at this time. We are wowking on securing more information on these events.

Comrade J (Jolyon Ralph) now runs the web company Mysterious Ways in Croydon, UK, where also TiW is an employee. Del now works as a programmer for Codemasters. The Judge (Jolyon Myers) made some tunes for amiga games (Shadow Dancer etc.) under the name JVM Design, and now works at Eidos. Jon works at Psygnosis, as does Rogue Male - as a musician. Anarchy found work outside the Scene. Strangely, the group still seems to have a web presence, if you look at (now defunct), though the original members do not know who claims to be in the group today.


See Share And Enjoy/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Amazing Tunes II (Musicdisk)

Wild Tremlo (File)

Boys In Blue (1989, .11/.12, ECS File)

Wonko the Sane

Impossible Playfields (1990, 28.10, ECS File)

Comrade J
The Judge

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were created by Share And Enjoy.

Demo Year Party
Amazing Music Disk 1 1988
Amazing Tunes II 1990 Dexion Xmas Party '90
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