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Software Studios is a game development team.

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following games in the UnExoticA collection were developed by Software Studios.

Game Year Team / Publisher
After Burner (88) 1988 Software Studios, Argonaut Software / Activision
Altered Beast 1989 Software Studios / Activision
Atomic Robo-Kid 1990 Software Studios / Activision
Bangkok Knights 1988 Software Studios / System 3
Dragon Breed 1989 Software Studios, Arc Developments / Activision
Galaxy Force II 1989 Software Studios, Dementia / Activision
IK+ 1988 Software Studios, Marjacq Micros / System 3
Millennium 2.2 1989 Software Studios, Marjacq Micros / Electric Dreams
Power Drift 1989 Software Studios / Activision
Predator 1987 Software Studios, System 3, Source the Software House Ltd / Activision
SDI 1988 Software Studios / Activision
Super Hang-On 1988 Software Studios / Electric Dreams Software
Super Wonder Boy in Monster Land 1989 Software Studios, Images Design / Activision
Time Scanner 1989 Software Studios, Fours Field / Activision
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