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Static Bytes and Light - Lowlife - Party was a demo party.

27-29.09  Static Bytes and Light - Lowlife - Party.
LOW91 was held at Nordre Skole in Silkeborg, Denmark by Quackbuster/Static
Bytes, Tuborg/light, Lunatic/Light and the company Lehmann Radio & TV.
Prizes were 1st - 4000dkk, 2nd - 2000 dkk and 3rd prize 1000 dkk for the
demo competition. Only five demos competed in the demo competition; the rest
were released outside competitions. Rednex' demo "Quackbusted" was meant for
the competition at this party. It was unfortunately not finished in time,
and was released a few days after. Vention/Kefrens coded a demo for the
competition at this party too, but it was never finished, and remains
unreleased to this day =( Static Bytes also released a "Lowlife Party Slide"
shortly after the party was completed.
  Can anyone confirm or deny if graphics and music competitions were held or
not? There is no mention of them in the invitation.

· All results and info from:
  - Party invitation demo by Static Bytes & Light.
  - Some demo releases on Bastards party pack.
  - Some demo releases on TEK "Weird Science #6" pack.

invit   Static Bytes & Light "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Kefrens "Guardian Dragon" (351).
        2.  Flash (149).
        3.  Light "Techno Color" (148).
        4.  Direct "Lambert".
        5.  Static Bytes "Delirium".

other   xx. Bastards "Cutter".
        xx. Deadlock "BBS Intro".
        xx. De Syrededes "Demo".
        xx. Gnu Design & Mirror "Party Scrollers".
        xx. TEK "This Side Up".

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Static Bytes and Light - Lowlife - Party.

Demo Year Group(s)
Guardian Dragon 1991 Kefrens
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