Steps of Change

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Steps of Change (SOC)

Steps of Change was formed by Mc Wilsh and Dooba, with former members of Nerve Axis and Carnage 04/'96. The earlier website is no longer valid. "The X-Files #12" (late '96) brought the news that they were reborn as a music only group.


Dooba (founder org music swap, late '96)
Psionic (www gfx swap, late '96-01/'97)
RD (music, new late '96)
Wilsh (org music, rejoined, doublemember Grasshoppers Design, late '96)
Dj Rudd (gfx graffiti)
Mc Wilsh (founder org code music swap)

Group History

Bliss joined from Nerve Axis, then left for Grashoppers Development in February. Sykotik (raytrace, ex Carnage, new 04/'96) and Unity were kicked due to inactivity, and graphician Synapze left the scene late '96.