Super Cars

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For the sequel to this game, see Super Cars II
Super Cars
Super Cars box scan

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Composer(s) Ben Daglish
Team(s) Magnetic Fields
Publisher(s) Gremlin Graphics
Music Format(s) IFF-8SVX
Benn Daglish
Year published 1990

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Download archive Game/Daglish_Ben/Super_Cars.lha
Note that subsong 4 is the title music, and that "8svx.wagner" is the Magnetic Fields intro music which is a brief recording of "Siegfried's Funeral March" from "Götterdämmerung" by Richard Wagner.

Thanks to Don Adan for the BD module.

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png 8svx.wagner 102482 Richard Wagner Super Cars 1990 Gremlin Graphics / Magnetic Fields
File List End v2.png bd.Super_Cars 126010 Ben Daglish Super Cars 1990 Gremlin Graphics / Magnetic Fields
Thursday 11 April 2002 (XtC): Added to collection
Sunday 21 April 2002 (XtC): Added Magnetic Fields intro music.
Wednesday 28 July 2004 (XtC): Replaced with more accurate rip.
Friday 08 May 2009 (XtC): Amended file comment for 8svx.wagner.

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