The Gathering '93

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The Gathering 93 was a demo party.

07-10.04  The Gathering 93 (
TG93 was held at Skedsmohallen in Lillestrøm, Norway by The Crusaders,
Deadline and Exile. Talent beat Andromeda in the soccer final. Another
memorable event was the TV channel Spaceballs Television, which showed
movies and entertainment around the clock. Nightshade was the confrancier,
and made humorous comments about many entries (...and now...THE PORNOS!).
Jester's module was disqualified from the music competition since it was
identical to the one he competed with at The Party 2.

· Results from 'The results of the competition(s) at The Gathering '93,'.

amdemo  1.  Kefrens "Desert Dreams".
        2.  Sim Productions "Speed".
        3.  Spaceballs "Mobile: Destination Unknown".
        4.  Talent "Q.E.D."
        5.  The Pornos "Shave Off Your Moustache".
        6.  Nation X "Lobotomi".

am40k   1.  Lemon. "40k Intro".
        2.  TRSI "No Pain No Gain".
        3.  Andromeda "Lost in Legoland".
        4.  Balance "Reality has no Meaning".
        5.  Andromeda "Styggtro".
        6.  Venger "Disposed Dreams".
        7.  Nation "40k Intro".
        8.  Spetsnar "Saltsild".
        9.  Union "40k Intro".
        10. Equalizers "First Intro".
        xx. Nation "Intro".
        xx. Hoaxers "Intro".

gfx     1.  Archmage/Andromeda "The Dhryads".
        2.  Cobra/Eon "Pencil Dragon".
        3.  Sauron/Static Bytes "Freak".
        4.  Cougar/Sanity "Sanasmatron".
        5.  Fairfax/Andromeda "Silkworm".
        6.  Pal/Panoramic Designs "Eddie Silver...Pal-pd".
        7.  Decker/Scoopex "BattleMech".
        8.  Mutant/DCS "Two Girls".
        9.  Darkdude "Revenge of the Mutant Sorceress".
        10. Kelvin/Virtual "Science_vs_Nature".
        11. Tony/Alcatraz "Unicorn.Final".
        12. Elmore/Inpulse "Glantrian".
        13. Skutt/Hardcore Design "stonebitch.iff".
        14. Apollo/Symbiosis "Camelot".
        15. Rage/Symbiosis "My Little Pony".

music   1.  Vinnie/Spaceballs "Jammin' Cindy" (189).
        2.  Nuke/Lemon. "Calibra" (187).
        3.  B.I.T/Eon "Style Blend" (186).
        4.  Lizard/Andromeda "Perfect Setup" (183).
        5.  Mr.Man/Andromeda "Rhetoric" (178).
        6.  Lord Interface/Andromeda "Journey" (158).
        7.  Lizardking/Alcatraz "Lizardking's Theme" (145).
        8.  Redferne/Devils "Dark Angels Rage" (140).
        9.  Vortex/Cryptoburners "Cyberchrist" (111).
        10. Dr.Fisse/The Pornos "Falling In" (73).
        11. Travolta/Spaceballs "Grease" (68).
        12. Edvin Fladen/Symbiosis "Random Voice IV" (61).
        13. Cutcreator/Static Bytes "Taste of Fairydew" (51).
        14. Blue Fox/Balance "Bionic Savage" (43).
        15. Jester/Sanity (0). ** DISQUALIFIED! **
        16. Alf/Virtual (0).

other   Avalon intro (amiga).
        Complex "Equipoise" (amiga demo).
        Cryptoburners "Revelations" (amiga slideshow).
        DCS "Anvend Handkle" (amiga intro).
        DCS "April Fool" (amiga intro).
        Devils "Party Cocktail 1" (amiga pack).
        Scoopex "Cageball" (amiga intro).
        Scoopex "Plays 2 Unlimited" (amiga musicdisk).
        Stone Arts "Announce" (amiga demo).
        Stone Arts "Atmosphere" (amiga demo).
        Symbiosis "Rendezvous 93 Invitation" (amiga intro).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at The Gathering '93.

Demo Year Group(s)
Desert Dream 1993 Kefrens
Scoopex Plays 2 Unlimited 1993 Scoopex
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