The Hammering '94

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The Hammering 94 was a demo party.

07-09.04  The Hammering 94.
HAM94 was held at Varosmajori Gimnazium in Budapest, Hungary by Absolute!
(amiga) and Majic 12 (pc). News in Scoopex' packmag "Never Mind" #48 that
the date was to be 1-3 is incorrect. TSC/Phantom Design released a text file
(The Truth About the Hammering-94) with the release of their demo "Demonic",
criticizing the party. The reasons for this is the greatly reduced prices,
the absence of the promised bigscreen for the compos, the voting system and
other things. Results pieced together, but they are still most incomplete,
help wanted!

· pc results from 'Hammering-94 held in Hungary, Budapest, Apr-7-8-9'.
- party review and other results in X_Trade The Jungle #06 (amiga).

invit   Absolute! "Hammering 94 Party Invitation" (amiga).
        Majic 12 "Hammering 94 Party Invitator" (pc).
        Chromance "Hammering 94 Official Party Invitation" (c64).

amdemo  1.  Faculty "Lethal Dose 2".
        2.  Absolute! "Cream".
        3.  Los Angeles Lamers "RasterX The Ball".

am40k   1.  ??? "Farwell Intro".
        2.  ??? "Derko".

pcdemo  1.  Majic 12 "Show".
        2.  Phantom Dezign "Demonic".
        3.  Remal "The Spinning Wheel".
        4.  Xeed Crew "PacIntro".

64demo  1.  Chaos "Hammering".
        2.  Lethargy "Bijou".
        3.  Tendance "Surface".

gfx     1.  Nestor/Impulse.
        2.  Rack/Absolute.
        3.  Caba/Technix.

music   1. Leslie & Laky/Murmidones "You Got 2 Know..."
        2. Gery/Absolute (xm).
        3. Codex/Creator (4ch).
        4. Petroff/Absolute (4ch).
        5. Reptile (4ch).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at The Hammering '94.

Demo Year Group(s)
Cream 1994 Absolute!
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