The Team 17 Works

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The Team 17 Works
The Team 17 Works inlay front.
Studio album by Allister Brimble
Year Published 1993
Genre Synth, Electronic, Game
Length 28:25
Producer Allister Brimble
Catalogue No. N/A

The Team 17 Works was a solo project composed performed and produced by Allister Brimble. It was his first album and released only on cassette. All of the tunes except the Alien Breed track were re-released on the Sounds Digital album, although they do differ from these originals. The Sounds Digital album is also available for download.

Track Listing

The tracks are offered here for download as high quality ogg files, with the permission of Allister Brimble. Note the source is analogue so the quality will not be as good as a CD recording. Also note that due to the original mastering equipment the left/right levels for the lower frequency sounds are not perfect, but overall, the quality of the recording is very good.

Side 1
  1. "Project-X" - (4:50)
    Studio version of the main 'rave mode' theme from Project-X.
  2. "Full Contact" - (6:05)
    Studio version of the intro theme from Full Contact.
  3. "Alien Breed" - (3:49)
    Studio version of the main theme from Alien Breed.
Side 2
  1. "Magnetic Drops" - (6:18)
  2. "Thesmophoria" - (4:19)
    Studio version of the 'old timer mode' theme from Project-X.
  3. "Midsummers Heat" - (3:04)

Technical Information

(Taken from the album inlay.)
Sound created using professional equipment including a DAT recorder, Akai S-950 sampler, SECK 18 track mixer, ALesis SR-16 drum machine, APHEX aural exciter, 30 band graphic equaliser, Yamaha ST77 Synth, Quad-reverb unit, Roland D-10 module and Amisound sampler.

Cassette Inlay

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