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Tristar Party was a demo party.

   09.09  Tristar party.
TRI89 was held in Venlo, Holland, and was considered the major scene event
of the year. Main organizers were Knackosoft and Flynn of Tristar. The
partyplace was the same as the Vision Factory party last year. The entrance
fee was 7DM. In total, 7 demos were shown for the competition. Ofcourse,
this will go down in history as the party where RSI's "Megademo" was
released - one of the most important demos of all time, no less :)
  We'd really like to complement our result list for this important party,
so if anyone knows anything we'd be delighted if you got in touch. Thanks!

· Information from party report in AFL's "Crack Journal #16" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Red Sector "Megademo".
        2.  Amiga Force "Demo".
        3.  Alpha Flight "Megademo". (probably "Megademo 2"?)
        xx. Royal Amiga Force "Megademo".

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Tristar Party.

Demo Year Group(s)
Red Sector Megademo 1989 Red Sector Inc.
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