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I added the animated version of the star wars logo. I hope that pleases you :)

I also thought you might like to write a bit more about it. Your idea, the original animation from eric schwartz and so on.

We should definitely have an eric schwartz page too.. And we should also have every animation of his available for download with a page about each one ;-) I have a collection of his animations I should stick in the files area anyway.

You might also notice ive been improving descriptions and stuff. Feel free to improve further, or if you see missing information to add it.



Please hold off on the infoboxes, as (if you look at my recent edits) removing hardcoded colours from the various templates so we can control them from the css. the infobox markup is far too cmplicated and can be made much simpler. I will be working on this over the next days. Cheers

Best Regards


Oh, OK.

XtC 16:07, 18 February 2008 (UTC)