Waggle-O-Mania 2

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This game is the sequel to Waggle-O-Mania!!!
Waggle-O-Mania 2
Waggle-O-Mania 2 screenshot
Composer(s) Allister Brimble
Team(s) Team17
Publisher(s) The One
Music Format(s) Protracker
Year published 1994

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Download archive Game/Brimble_Allister/Waggle-O-Mania_2.lha

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List End v2.png p4x.waggle-o-mania_2 87876 Allister Brimble Waggle-O-Mania 2 Team17 The One
Friday 28 September 2007 (Kyzer): Added to collection

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