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Whale (WL!, 1995-)

Whale is an ascii group, formed by Countzero and U-Man in 1995.


Shade (sysop 'EVERYWARE', member of Insane, TRSI and Craze, 02/'96)
Lord Chaos (ascii, doublemember Shoot, 08-09/'95)
Acid Kid (Andrew, ascii signature adk!, doublemember Shoot, 08-09/'95)
Countzero (ascii signature c0!, 08/'95)
Dartagnan (aus? Ross, ascii signature dtn, 08/'95)
Manta (ascii signature mNt, 08/'95)
Skize (ascii, 08/'95)
Tango (ascii, 08/'95)
U-Man (nor? ascii signature uMn, doublemember Crux, 08/'95-02/'96).

Group History

Australian sysop and ascii'er Acid Kid joined around early August as a doublemember from Shoot, and released his first colly for Whale, "Once In A Life Time" on the 2nd of September (it was originally supposed to come out o the 26th of August - incidentally also his birthday =). His second collection for Whale, "Red Beans And Rice" [09/'95] was released on the 23rd of September, and inside he announced he had in the meantime closed his board 'SCREAMING METAL' for good =( He did vow to stay in the ascii scene, and was not leaving either Whale nor Shoot.