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Here is a short FAQ about the search engine:

  • There are entries like "WinECS" as configuration information when searching. What does this mean?
    These are the configurations which you should select in the emulators in order to run a special game. More about AMI Sector One's exclusive configuration system can be read on the configuration page.
  • For some games there are no credits for programmers, artists etc. Why?
    The answer is simply: We do not know it. If you can provide credits for games we would be pleased if you could please contact Bernd. He will then add your information to the search engine.
  • I have selected the configuration provided on AMI Sector One but the game still does not run. What is the reason for this?
    There are different versions of the games. The configurations we provide are mainly for original games. If you have downloaded a 'cracked' Amiga game from a pirate site we cannot provide any help.
  • I have a suggestion or question according the searchengine which is not yet listed here. What is to do?
    We would be pleased if you could please contact us.