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We want you to send us your ideas and thoughts about this page. We're open for any concerns or suggestions - so don't hesitate to contact us.
If you have a question, please carefully examine the list of frequently asked questions below before writing in. Due to the overwhelming quantity of e-mail received by AMI Sector One, you will not receive a reply if you ask a question that was already answered in this list.

  • I'm looking for Kickstart ROMs ... but I can't find one ...
    We're not providing any Kickstart ROMs and we'll never do so. This is completely illegal. There are two solutions for your problem:
    1. Amiga Forever is a complete package of Workbench disk sets and Kickstart ROMs including some emulators and a few cool tools. You can order Amiga Forever online from Cloanto for only $29,95
    ! If you're from central Europe give Schatztruhe a try.
    2. Go and find them on the net ;-) ... I prefer the first one ...
  • I'm looking for a game xxx. It's not on your page. Why?
    We ask developers and distributors for their permission which enables us to put this games up for download. So ... when you're missing a game in our collection we're not allowed to put it up.
  • I'm looking for a game xxx. It's not on your page. But where can I find it?
    To be honest - We don't know ... ;-)
  • I downloaded this damn emulator thing and the game xxx - but how to get it work?
    Please download the UAE help file which you can find on the official WinUAE page of Brian King. There are versions available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and even Dutch ... my godness ;-)
    This file is an enormous help for newbies.
  • I downloaded the game xxx. When I try it all I get are error messages ...
    Please use Winzip for decompressing files and a tool like GetRight for downloading.
    If the error is caused by an Amiga emulator you should consult our searchengine which provides compatibility information for thousands of Amiga games and applications.
If your question isn't answered here, though, please write us an e-mail, but please don't send files or attachments without asking first.
Thank you for your understanding -- The AMI Sector One Team

Staff Members

To prevent spam please remove the "" part from the addresses to successfully send an e-mail to any of our members.

Bernd Gmeineder - mail to

Bernd founded AMI Sector One in 1998. His idea was to provide the stuff that everyone needs to emulate a Amiga computer completely legally. He wrote loads of e-mails to publishers and developers and succeeded. Many companies gave in and allowed us the upload of their software on our site. Contact Bernd for game and demo related questions as well as for any other concerns, ideas and feedback.

Bernd has been an Amiga user for more than 10 years and owns the following Amiga equipment: His most important Amiga is an A1200 (in Infinitiv 1 Tower), Blizzard 68030/50 IV Turbo board, SCSI Kit IV, Picasso 4 gfx board, Elsa 56k modem with Silversurfer, 8 GB IDE-HD, 2 GB SCSI-HD, 12x Speed CD-ROM. Other Amigas: A1200D with 200 MB HD, PCMCIA CD-ROM, FPU; one A500 with 2 MB ram and a small GVP HD; another A500 with only 512 KB ram and Kickstart 1.2; a CD32 console; a CDTV with many extras like keyboard, disk drive, memory card etc and finally an A1000 which is no longer used so often because of its massive age of already more than 14 years.

Jan Brockmann (inactive) - mail to

Jan is the person in charge of all the web design things. He's also your contact person to answer your questions about games and problems with WinUAE. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the web design or you want to report a dead link - drop him a line.

Jan is 26 years old. He has been working for Electronic Arts Germany in the real life for nearly five years.
He likes Burger King, "handmade music" (Creed, Nickelback, Metallica, The Corrs ...), Diet Coke, the infamous vegetable soufflé of the Persian snack bar around the corner, the Lights of Nil (French cigarette's), all what belongs to Star Trek, Indiana Jones, the TV shows "Home Improvement" and "Ally McBeal".

The first Amiga computer bought was a A500 in late '91. After the usual improvements like 2 Meg RAM expansion pack, 40 Meg harddrive, 020er card and a Monitor he bought a A3000 including a Merlin video card in '94. He's now owning a A2000UX and a Picasso card as well a Dell Inspiron 3700.

Jan would like to use this chance to greet the following people: all membaz of da CS possie at EAG, Jordis, Nicki, Katrinchen, Cordula, my pal's from GT (Basti, Axel, Mark und Jan), Stefan (from Microsoft), Hondo (from Hasbro), Nadia (from Havas), Martin (my dad) and all at G@te.

Peter Levan - Email only on request. E-mail Bernd Gmeineder first.

Before coming to ASO, Peter maintained the Emerald Mine Online web site, which is now part of ASO under the Emerald Web banner. Peter has been working with ASO since December 2000.

Peter got his first Amiga, an A500, back in 1990. Since then he has accumulated several more including an A600HD and two accelerated A1200s. He bought his first PC, a P133 in 1996 and now uses a 256MB PIII 500 desktop and 192MB C650 laptop.

He is in his final year of a combined Engineering and Computer Science degree and has not had much time for a life recently. He is interested in music, Sci-Fi and technology, especially computers and misses the days when Amigas were king.

Holger Herrmann - mail to

Holger got his first Amiga when he was 15 years old (that was 1992/93). It was his first computer (what else would you have expected) and it was an Amiga500. Later he bought an Amiga1200 and upgraded it every now and then.

He mainly used his computers to connect to local mailboxes. In 1996 he started his own mailbox. But later the WorldWideWeb became more interesting. In the end the Amiga was and is his hobby and still his favorite computer.

Nowadays he has got an Amiga500 with 020 and 8MB RAM, an Amiga1200 with PPC/060, 128MB RAM, 8 GB harddrive, BvisionGFX and a PC Pentium3 with 500Mhz, 128 MB RAM, RivaTNT2 etc. But he still prefers the Amiga1200 for Internet activities...

Tony Whent - mail to

Tony comes to us in response to our staff drive of June 2001. He is a computer science student majoring in software engineering. Tony resides in Australia so now ASO has a contact there also.

Tony's first Amiga was the A500 which was quickly upgraded to 1mb when the hardware became available. He started using the A1200 when helping out with a kids hostel. The hostel had two A1200 linked for the kids to use. Much of his massive software collection ended up at the hostel. A further upgrade to the A2000 was inevitable. Due to software constraints for the Amiga, Tony moved to the PC.

Tony currently uses a P3 650mhz PB Platinum and discovered ASO whilst surfing the Net. His PC has now become a really big Amiga emulator. Tony hopes to bring the emulation market to local users in Australia with two mirror sites. These will be up shortly.

All copyrights for design and content by Bernd & Jan.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Mentioning theses trademarks is no violation of applicable law. Please feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Editor's Choice

Bernd's Top 10 of all time

1. MegaLoMania (Sensible Softw.)
2. Test Drive (Accolade)
3. Centurion (Electronic Arts)
4. Traders (Linel)
5. Oxyd Magnum (Dongleware)
6. Pirates! (Microprose)
7. Ports of Call (Aegis)
8. Indiana Jones 4 (Lucas Arts)
9. Populous 2 (Bullfrog)
10. Crystal Dragon (Black Leg.)

Jan's Top 10 of all time

1. Civilization (Microprose)
2. Ambermoon (Thalion)
3. Pirates! (Microprose)
4. Eye of the Beholder (SSI)
5. Black Crypt (Electronic Arts)
6. Shadow o. t. Beast (Psygnosis)
7. Dune 2 (Virgin)
8. Eye of the Beholder 2 (SSI)
9. Lion Heart (Thalion)
10. Monkey Island 2 (Lucas Arts)


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