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Amiga Games vs. Amiga Joker
Amiga Games and Amiga Joker were the only German Amiga magazines which were specialized in Amiga games. Every of these two mags his its advantages and disadvantages. In this feature I try to compare the two mags. For this purpose I used issue 12/92 of both magazines.

Amiga Games Amiga Joker
The Cover:

The cover of Amiga Games was changed from issue to issue. In this issue it is based on blue colours and shows a wizard. Good! It is well done.

This issue shows a skier with weapon that was adapted from the game "Midwinter 2". It is really well done, meets my taste and is nearly perfect.
The Coverdisk:

1 disk with "Gobliins 2" demo

This mag always came without a coverdisk
The Contents:

There are 100 pages and 20 game reviews.
There is no hardware section.
Other sections are mailbox, helpline shop test, Kaiko software report.
Of course there are also charts and cheats.

There are 128 pages and 29 game reviews.
There is also a small hardware section.
Other sections are mailbox, coin op, board games, comics etc.
There are also charts and cheats.
The Review:
(I used "Waxworks" which was reviewed in both mags)

The game got a total of 78%. That's imho not enough. They also mention the developer Horrorsoft - that is a positive fact.

The game got a rating of 82%. This is ok but it could be a bit more. They only mention the publisher and not the developer.
Some Final Words:

The main advantage of this mag was its price. It only cost DEM 7,00 and this price also included the coverdisk. The complete layout was already in 1992 a bit old-fashioned. Also the tests were sometimes written in a boring way. Finally I think that Amiga Games was suitable for those people who wanted a mag plus disk for an attractive price.

Amiga Joker also cost DEM 7,00, but there was no coverdisk. But in the mag itself there are lots of tests and background information. The complete layout was more professional than that one of Amiga Games. Also the funny comics were a reason for buying it. What I did not like is that they answered all letters of readers in a very ironical way.
The Result:

Text by Bernd Gmeineder
Amiga Games was a publication of CT - Computec Verlag (now Computec Media)
Amiga Joker was a publication of Joker Verlag


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