We would like to thank a lot of people and companies for just giving a helping hand or giving us a permision that allows us to have this large amount of software for download on this site.

Activision is one of biggest and oldest software publishers/distributors (founded in 1979!) in the world. Activision highlights are Pitfall (1981), Zork (1983) and Little Computer People (1987).
Thanks to Wolfram "Wolle" von Eichborn.
This company which is owned by Paul Huckstepp developed two award winning puzzle games for the Amiga. Now the company is producing shareware games and applications for the PC.
This British company produced two full price games for the Amiga which were very popular (Death Mask and Super Methane Bros.). Now the company is out of business.
Thanks to Patricia Curits (project manager and an assistant programmer at Apache Softw.) and Mark Page (programmer at Apache Softw.)
The Artech Studios are the most important software developer in Canada. They did River Raid for Activision as well as Desert Fox and Ace of Aces for Accolade. They also developed games for Hasbro Interactive, Sony, Electronic Arts, Atari, Viacom Interactive, Corel and Sega. Artech is part of Astral Media Canada’s largest provider of pay-per-view and specialty television services.
Thanks to Chris Gray.
Publisher of great Amiga Games. The Company itself does no longer exist but the former owner is now running a new company called Inca Gold.
Thanks to Richard M. Holmes.
The company of Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux - the genius - was founded in 1987. They wrote computer history when they published the "god game" Populous in 1989. Bullfrog published only a few games for the Amiga ... but only masterpieces of software. 1994 they published a second milestone of computer gaming history: Magic Carpet - which is to me the most inovating game ever. Bullfrog was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1995. Molyneux left Bullfrog 1997 to found a new company together with Steve Jackson called Lionhead Studios which is now developing Black & White.
A young German software development company focused on the production of shareware games.
Thanks to Oliver Pape.
The sports label of Electronic Arts. The Canadian's had never a real chance to proove their skill's on the Amiga ... sad but true ...
A professional game company founded by former Thalion members. Eclipse produced the cult game Iron Soldier for Atari Jaguar and the long awaited Iron Soldier 2 for Jaguar CD. A third part of the game for Sony Playstation is currently in the pipeline and should be in stores soon.
Thanks to Marc Rosocha.
The biggest game software company worldwide was founded by W. M. "Trip" Hawkins in 1982. In the end of the same year the name was changed from Amazin Software to Electronic Arts. 1983 was the first game published: Archon. The unforgetable Deluxe Paint followed in 1985. The financial year 1990 ended with a 100 million dollar earning. EA aquired Origin in 1992, Bullfrog in 1995, Vision in 1996, Maxis in 1997 and Westwood in 1998 ... more to come ... maybe Eidos ;-)
Thanks to Dr. Florin and Nick for making it possible ...
Game Crafters is a little "strange" company to me. They produced only one game in their intire history: The Adventure of Maddog Williams in the Dungeos of Duridian. Most people think that this game is probably the best adventure game on the Amiga ...
Genias was well known for their good games. Unfortunately they are no longer exsisting.
GP Software is the manufacturer of the most popular file manager Directory Opus for the Amiga. There is still an Amiga section on the GP site. Also there is now a fantastic new version of Directory Opus for the PC. Click on the GP Software logo for further information and a free trial version.
Thanks to Dr. Greg Perry.
Hartwerk is a company specialized in business software. Their most popular program is called Steuerfuchs (English: Tax Fox) and is available for the Apple Macintosh. Earlier the company produced some award winning programs for the CBM Amiga.
Thanks to Ralf A. Tetzel and Rainer Wolf of Arktis.
Iacta was formerly called Tiger Media and was one of the first companies which produced adventures on CD-Rom's. Their games were very successful and their title "Case of the cautious Condor" was 'game of the year 1989' in Japan. Now the company is specialized in settop boxes for which they code software too. Their innovative project is called Net4TV.
Thanks to Brian C. Bock.
Infocom are the pioneers of the adventure for the computer. Not many other games like Zork have been played so often in the early eighties. Years ago the company has been integrated in Activision.
Jester Interacitve is a well known software developer which has so far coded some music programme bestsellers for the Sony Playstation. The company is now owning the copyrights of the Graftgold Amiga games.
Thanks to the company's markeding director Clark Evans.

Kingsoft was a very important software distributor. In their startup times their where publisher of cool Amiga and C=64 software. Kingsoft became part of Electronic Arts Germany on the 1.5.00. Thanks to Gerd Severin.

A source of cool simulation but nomore in software business. They are now involved in steel building and mechanical engineering ... something that completely differs to their past ...
The famous company of Will Wright that brought us all the cool games that have this little "sim" in their title. You can play Sim City on nearly every computer system in the world. Maxis was focused on the MacOS from the start. Their games are well known by millions of people. Electronic Arts aquired Maxis in 1997. The last game we saw on our favorite computer was Sim City 2000 ...
This firm which used to publish educational software is now designing interactive children books and reading software for schools.
Thanks to Thorwald Espensen
The biggest software distributor in Poland. They also develop their own games and localize products for the Polish market. Their latest project that gained a lot of publicity was Mortyr - an ego shooter. Thanks to Lecho Buszczynski.
The famous company founded by Richard Gariott and his brother Robert in 1983. Origin is known for mainly high quality fantasy and RPG games. Their success came along with games series like Ultima, Wing Commander and their awardwinning WWII flight sims. Now they're producing online games only.
Origin was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1992.
Paradox Software was one of the first companies which developed and published software for the Amiga. The company is still doing business, but there is no Internet site.
Thanks to Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel.
This is the developer of Independence War better known as I-War. Everyone was excited about the FMV sequences and the in-game graphics. Does anyone remember Evasive Action? Thanks to Michael Powell.
Unfortunately this US company only existed until the late 80's. I would say that they were some of the pioneers on the US software market since they had already quite early lots of good games to sell. The former owner, Mark Pelczarski, maintains now an informative webpage about the history of his firm.
Rainer Bopf is pilot and programmed the popular Airbus A320 simulation series for the Amiga. Now he is still coding realistic flight simulations for the PC.
Thanks to Rainer Bopf.
This company rocks! Their first title was Alien vs. Predators on the Atari Jaguar - a mega cult game. After a few other Jag games (Checkered Flag ...) they made Alien vs. Predators for the PC (Fox/EA). They also did Rainbow Six for PSX and Mission Impossible for GameBoy ... Thanks to Jason Kingsley.
The one man company that did the unforgettable Ports of Call - the game I played for weeks. It was my first game on the Amiga and I really loved it. Mr. Klein seems to be a wonderboy ... look on his project page ...
Seven Stars programmed some good Amiga games for the Polish market. The company does no longer develop games but they are now creating multimedia applications. Unfortunately there is currently no Internet page.
Thanks to Piotr Kulikiewicz.
This is Aaron Fothergill's company who was also involved in the development of the AMOS programming language. In the early 90's there were some good licenceware games from the firm. Later there were another two games called "Jetstrike" and "Base Jumpers" which got very good reviews in the press.
Thanks to Aaron Fothergill.
An Italian company that programmed lots of games for our beloved Amiga. Now they are mainly in multimedia productions - cd-roms and television. They worked for Nestle, RAI (biggest Italian TV station) and Fiat-Lancia. They also produced interactive cd-rom like Moses and a multimedia encyclopedia ... Thanks to the company owner Francesco Carla.
Talking Birds is a company which produces mainly football managers. Their most wellknown products are "Football Tactician" and "Tactical Manager". Their latest game is the Windows version of "Tactical Manager 2". For more information about football and their soccer online games visit Soccer Maniacs.
Thanks to Camy Maertens.
One of my favourites ... a company from my hometown Gütersloh. Thalion was founded by Eric Simon and Holger Flöttmann (who founded Ascon, later renamed to Ascaron) in 1988. Thalion published first class software like Lion Heart and wrote Amiga history with roleplaying games like Amberstar. The Thalion Crew broke up but most of them were hired by Blue Byte. Thanks to Karsten Köper and Marc Rosocha.

UDS is a big Swedish game developer founded in 1993. The 39 members UDS worked for 21th Century (well known by owers of Amiga Computers), Virgin Interactive, Mattel und Codemasters. Currently they doing localisation for Paradox Games and a Snowborder game for FOX interactive.

Vision Software is a software developer team from New Zealand which programmed some good Amiga games. Their most well known product is probably the helicopter shooter "Seek and Destroy". Some people of the Vision-team are still active but there is currently no Internet page.
Thanks to Paul Andrews.
Vulcan - founded 1994 - is well known for high quality games like Valhalla, Tiny Troops, JetPilot, Burnout, The Final Qdyssee or Genetic Species.
1998 they made the turn to the PC market.
This company owned by Dana Dominiak contributed the Amiga games of Image Tech. Webfoot Technologies is now creating fantastic 3D games for various platforms. There are also remakes of classics like "Super Huey".
Also many Amiga programmers and graphic artists have contributed. Our thanks go to:
Adisak L. Pochanayon
Andreas Seebeck
Brian Leake
Ed Mackey
Ed Scio
Fabrice Decroix
Helge Foerster
Ian Murray-Watson
James M. Bardeen
Keith Golden
Laurent Arditi
Nils Meier
Patrick J. Simmons
Paul Hellier
Pete Lyon
Raffaele Valensise
Greetings go to the following friends and contributors who helped us over the years:

Crazy Cellist
Don Adan
Kevin Walker
Michael 'Nomaios' Jestram
...and many more we can't remember at the moment

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