This is probably the most powerful section of AMI Sector One: Our A-Compendiums feature a big database with more than 10000 entries for Amiga games, applications, coders, gfx artists and composers.

Amiga games Compendium
Currently contains a database in which you can search for more than 1300 entries for Amiga games including credits for programmers, gfx artists and composers. There are also provided addititonal information such as hints for emulator configuration as well as number of disks etc.
Please note: This is still an early version but if it will be ready there will be entries for my whole Amiga games collection which includes more than 5000 games.

Amiga applications Compendium
Contains a huge database with information about Amiga applications and tools. For example you can find information about programmers and compatibility hints for Amiga emulators.