In this section we provide a large selection of cover scans and advert scans of games, applications, companies and more. All of them are in any way related to the Amiga computer. In this section contributors are very important. So if you want to send us some tunes you can of course contact us.


What is what?

  • Music players:
    Here you can find the players which you will require in order to play the music files which are available here. There are players for PC's and of course also Amiga's.
  • Composers:
    This section is focused on three of the best Amiga composers: Lizardking, Jester, Mantronix and Uncle Tom. Here you can download nearly every tune of these composers.
  • Scene mods:
    This part section is dedicated to the "Amiga demo scene". Get tunes of the best demos or download tunes which won prizes at competitions.
  • Game mods:
    Here you can find music tunes of games which have good music. Many games for which we provide the music can of course also be downloaded.


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Downloads à la Carte

Download the games that we recommend this month:

Case of the Cautious Condor
Dungeon Quest
Quiksilver Pinball
Fire & Ice
Jetstrike Jr.
Der Trainer

Other downloads of interest:
LSD Docs Disks
Grapevine Diskmags



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