Features - CD Review - "Immortal"

CD Review - "Immortal"
Over the past years there have been released various CD's with soundtracks of Amiga games. A very good CD of this kind is "Immortal" from Monteiro Music:

First of all it is important to stress that all music pieces on this CD have not simply been ripped from the games. Fact is that all tracks have been recorded again in studio quality. I think that this is an essential feature and you can convince yourself of the perfect quality of the music when you listen to the CD on your own. Now some words about the contents: A highlight is without doubt the complete (!) soundtrack of the legendary Psygnosis game "Shadow of the Beast". This music has been composed by David Whittaker. Other tracks on the CD are from Allister Brimble (Superfrog, Project X), Barry Leitch (Harlequin, Utopia), Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican) and some other famous game music composers. Also one track has been composed by the producer of this CD - Ruben Monteiro. There are also some bonuses on the CD: A stunning Mpeg video, an off-line version of the Monteiro Music webpage and some Windows wallpapers. You can use this stuff with your computer.

Finally it is also important to mention that this CD is 100 % legal: Ruben Monteiro has licensed every track and has also paid any license fees to the companies.

Here is the cover of the Immortal-CD. On the front-page there is this picture. On the backpage there is a list of all the tracks on the CD. In the booklet there are more detailed facts.

My personal rating: Perhaps the best Amiga games music CD I have ever listened to. The quality and selection of the songs is very good. I listened to my favourite tracks again and again. This makes 5 of 5 possible points. For more information please visit Monteiro Music.

Text by Bernd Gmeineder, March 2000
Thanks to Ruben Monteiro for supplying the CD

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