Case of The Cautious Condor, the

Publisher: Net4TV Corp.
Developer: Net4TV Corp.
Genre: Adventure
Published in: 1991
No. of Players: 1
Disks: HD
Compatibility: Fellow (0.34):
UAE (0.8.14):

Bernd: Megalomanical millionaire Bronson Barnard has invited a select group to celebrate the maiden flight of his extravagant flying boat, the Condor. Not only champagne and caviar will be served, since Barnard knows that someone of his guest is a murderer. With your help, private eye Ned Peters must discover who the killer is.
This game from Tiger Media (now Net 4 TV Corp.) was "Best Adventure, 1989" in Japan and was perhaps the best game for the Amiga CDTV. Compatibility information: Use WinUAE 0.8.8 Rel. 8 and select NTSC in the display menu.


Case o. T. C. C. - HD v. (65 MB)

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