AMFM Special 5

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AM/FM Special Disk #5

Cover Art.

BJØRN "DR.AWESOME" LYNNE'S DEFUNCT PROJECTS, VOL I and VOL II: Two disks filled with 19 Amiga-only songs by Bjørn A. Lynne, Editor of AM/FM and also known as "Dr.Awesome/Crusaders". The music on these two disks were originally composed for various game- and demo-projects; but these games and demos have unfortunately been cancelled because of contractual trouble, lazy programmers, etc. So the music now lives a life of it's own, and is presented to you here as AM/FM Special Disks #4 and #5; Bjørn "Dr.Awesome" Lynne's Defunct Projects, Vol. I and Vol. II. Lots of atmospheric music here, in the typical Dr.Awesome / Crusaders style.

Vol. II: (Special Disk #5)

  • Airline Intro/Title Score
  • Airline In-game 1
  • Airline In-game 3
  • Fanfare from "Pictures..."
  • Kasei Vallis Intro/Title
  • Kasei Vallis Pause (Stardance)
  • Kasei Vallis Combat music
  • Kasei Vallis In-game 1
  • Kasei Vallis In-game 2
  • Kasei Vallis In-game 3