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Applause (APL, 1993-)


  • Alx (music)
  • Darioosh, Falcon (code trade)
  • Justus (gfx, old handle Thorgal, early93)
  • Redman (Robert Zabiegala, swap)
  • Eva (gfx swap)
  • Franklin (code)
  • Radium (music gfx swap, ex Cyanide, new late93-08/94)
  • Revo
  • Sascha (org swap, ex Cyanide, new late93, old handle Amethist)
  • Dixan05 (music, early93)
  • Uncle Mat (code, early93)

Group History

Applause was formed in early 1993 by ex members of Grace (joined early 93) and other Polish guys. When Cyanide died, all its Dutch members also joined. The group is probably best known for their diskmag 'Thing'.

Polish graphician Tolek Banan joined Bravo early in the year. Swapper Snoop sold his Amiga and left the scene late 95.
Lovely (rejoined from kick) and Roberts joined Old Bulls in june.

Quasar and TCC left the scene.

Dutch editor Magic (ex Cyanide) left, and joined Mirage. It is unclear what happened to "Thing" as a consequence of this, what's certain is that Magic started to work for Mirage's "Chit-Chat" instead...

Vasquez left the scene.

Chance, Jerome and Ricochet left to be independent.

Polish graphician Phantom (early93) left to form Bravo, so Magic is now editor of "Thing".


Bara-Bara (1993, early, ECS Intro)

  • code: Uncle Mat
  • gfx: Thorgal, Phantom
  • music: Dixan05

Thing VII (1994, early, Diskmag)