Beastie Boys (old)

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Beastie Boys [old] (BB)


The Syndicate

  • Art Force (gfx, new 02/89)
  • Dingo von Springberg (code, new 02/89)
  • Dri (swap, 02/89)
  • Futurelight (gfx, 02/89)
  • Kevin (swap, 02/89)
  • Marco (swap, 02/89)
  • Mel (code, 12/88-02/89)
  • Myk (swap, 02/89)
  • No.1 (music, new 02/89)
  • Rene (swap, 02/89)
  • SkyDancer (music, 12/88-02/89)
  • Tibor (swap, 02/89)

Group History

BB was a group that came to the amiga from the c64 scene, and was pretty big in the German scene for a while in the late 80's. Their most active members were all in the subgroup The Syndicate of the Beastie Boys.

December saw the release of their classic "Megademo" [12/88].
The Syndicate/BB released a packdisk from the Bamiga Sector 1 and Warfalcons party [02/89]. At this party the group also released a new intro which announced Dingo, No.1 and Art Force as new members, and said bye bye to Alex and Rush. Mel had also planned a demo for this competition, but could not complete it in time.


See Beastie Boys (old)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Megademo (1988, 17.12, ECS Disk)

  • code: Mel
  • gfx: n/a
  • Music: "Lars" by SLL/Bamiga Sector One, "Part IV music" by TFC, "Wondertec" (first), "Skydancer" and "Opus Dei" (end) by SkyDancer
A truly classic megademo, with some great pieces of music!

Sound System Demo (1989, 11.02, ECS Intro)

  • code: Dingo
  • gfx: The Dark Lord (logo), n/a (picture)
  • music: "Android" by Skydancer
Released at the Bamiga Sector 1 and Warfalcons copy party.