Bomb Software (group)

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Bomb Software (1994-)


  • Ben (code, 12/96)
  • Clawz (Mathieu Berthaud, founder music, ex Complex, doublememb Impact Studios [pc], 09/94-12/95)
  • Gengis (Frederic Heintz, founder code, ex Complex, 09/94-07/95)
  • Hof (gfx, 12/94)
  • Made (Carlos Pardo, gfx, ex Scoopex, new late95-04/98)
  • Suny (gfx, ex Movement, new late94-12/94)
  • Titan (Sebire Laurent, gfx, 04-12/96)
  • Trajan (gfx, ex Dreamdealers, new late94-12/94)
  • Zebig (gfx, 12/94)
  • Roscoe (Steen Hillestroem, swap, ex Razor 1911, new late94)
  • Trasher (Oliver Plink, swap, triplememb Sanity and Artwork, new late95)

Group History

After releasing their last demo for Complex, "Real" [04/94], Bomb! was formed by Clawz and Gengis in August 1994. Soon after, they recruited the French graphicians Trajan and Suny, and the Danish swapper Roscoe. In september, they then won the intro competition at the 3S Party with their first release, the 64k intro "Casual" [09/94]. They then worked hard for a few months, and could present to the public at The Party 4 the demo "Motion: Origin 2" [12/94]. The original "Origin" [12/93] (made for Complex) had secured Gengis the winner at last year's party, but "Motion" didn't come in better than 3rd.

Next they recruited top french graphician Made and spent most of 1995 working on their commercial game Fears, which was previewed at the end of "Motion" and released in September. The game was done by Gengis (code), Hof (gfx), Titan (gfx), Suny (gfx) and Clawz (music).
Following the completion of the game, Gengis and Clawz released their last Amiga production in the "Saturne 3 Invitation" [07/96], and left for the PC scene - where in addition to scene activities they are currently working on an adventure game. Made now seems to be the only remaining active Amiga member, contributing graphics to productions left, right and center - though mostly for his old group Scoopex. However, he has lately begun doing more and more 24bit pictures in high resolution, and now he also works almost exclusively for the PC scene. Gengis and Clawz first joined Impact Studios on the pc, before moving on to Oxygene. They are now back in their own group Bomb!, though - and the pc section seems to become as powerful as the Amiga one was in its time...


See Bomb Software (group)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Casual (1994, 03.09, AGA 64k Intro)

  • code: Gengis
  • gfx: Hof/?, Walt/? (car person)
  • music: "Blache Bleuche" by Clawz
Winner of the 3S Party 64k intro competition!

Motion: Origin 2 (1994, 28.12, AGA Trackmo, 2 disks)

  • code: Gengis
  • gfx: Suny, Trajan, Zebig, Hof
  • music: "Overtaking" (main) and "Intermediate" (end) by Clawz (The Player 6.0A format)
3rd in The Party 4 demo competition.

Saturne Party 3 (1995, .07, AGA File)

  • code: Gengis
  • gfx: Made
  • music: "Kuulitte Oikein" by Clawz (ProTracker MOD format)

Cyberia - ISO Opus 2 (1996, 18.08, AGA 4mb HD Multifile)

Made contributed graphics to this Scoopex demo, making it a coproduction. See Scoopex' entry for details.

Shaft 7 (1996, 28.12, AGA 4MB HD Multifile Demo)

  • code: Ben
  • gfx: Titan (logo, gfx), Made (title), Axel (objects)
  • music: "Temple of Sun Remix" by Legend and Yolk (8ch XM format)
Winner of The Party 96 demo competition!