Bronx (amiga)

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Bronx (BNX, 1991-)


  • Astron (Reha Bicer, code, ex Crash)
  • Barbarian
  • Eugene (raytrace)
  • Gart (swap sysop1 'SPLIT SEVEN' WHQ)
  • Hooligan
  • Hunter
  • Jam
  • Max (music swap, 06/93)
  • Micro (code)
  • MS (code, 93)
  • Pentagram (code, old handle Phobia, 06/93)
  • Sam
  • Swat (ex Coast)
  • Thunder
  • Turbo (founder mainorg gfx ascii swap sysop2 'SPLIT SEVEN' WHQ, 93-96)
  • Victory (swap, ex Saints)
  • DJ Jones (music, 96)
  • Fire (ex Conqerers)
  • Godhead (ex Transfer)
  • Herlikhan (ex Transfer)
  • Malice (code gfx, 06/93-96)
  • Penny (gfx, early94)
  • R2D2 (ex Conqerers)
  • Randy (org, old handle Dot, late94)
  • Deadbeat (music, ex Zenon, new 93),
  • Kazz (swap, early94),
  • Vortex (ex Paralysis, 93).
  • Double R (Jose Jordan, swap)
  • Cruel
  • Helloween (Jan Nielsen, swap)
  • Shakesbeer
  • BJ (sysop 'MAELSTORM')
  • Bacteria (ex Crossbones)
  • Codian (gfx, 93)
  • Judge
  • Minotaur
  • Nemesis
  • Ravetronic (new late93)
  • Zorlac (ex Crossbones)

Group History

Bronx was born in Turkey in january of 1991, after the Zombie Boys changed their name to Bronx. Vigo was among the founders. They are probably best known for their oddly named diskmag "Cemetery News" and their controversial packmag "Auschwitz". Their BBS 'THE BEER BAR' appears to have the same phone number as 'FIRE AND ICE' (sys: Imagic/2000 AD, later Sceptic). The Swedish section was reborn late 94, by Randy (old handle Dot). Their swedish graphician Penny was apparently female. News in Miracle's "Eternal #2" that Dot had joined Balance was WRONG.

Swedish swapper Goose joined DAI mid to late 92.
Swapper Beast joined Cyborgs early 93. Dr.Mantrix left mid 93. Bloody left mid to late 93. French trader Bombsquad left for Devils late 93.
Stranger joined Saints late 94.
  • Mix joined Saints.
  • Mazz joined Freezers.
  • All Spanish members of Intense joined Bronx.
  • The German section was kicked.
  • Finnish swapper Zanu (93) joined Accession.
  • Turkish swapper Kickman (ex Centura) joined Miracle.
  • Turkish coder, swapper, trader and sysop Vigo left to form his own group 'Coroner', but soon moved on to join Mystic.


See Bronx (amiga)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

AGA Dentro (AGA File)

  • code: Micro, Astron
  • gfx: Turbo, Dyze (japfont)
  • music: Gore/Zenon (main), DJ Jones (end)

Istanbul Style (ECS Slideshow)

Split 5+2=? (Intro)

  • code: Malice
  • gfx: Eugene (raytrace), Malice (font)
  • music: "Watch" by DJ Jones (Tracker Packer 3 format)

Faith of Black (1993, ECS File)

  • code: Pentagram, MS
  • gfx: Turbo, Malice, Codian
  • music: Max

Portakal (1993, 03.06, ECS Intro)

  • code: Pentagram
  • gfx: Surf's Rocker/Independent, Malice
  • music: Max

DJ Jones' Chip Pack #2 (1996, Musicfile)

  • code/gfx: Malice
  • music: DJ Jones


  • THE BEER BAR (aut)