Byterapers Inc (amiga)

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Byterapers Inc.


  • Albert (trade, 03/93)
  • Drifter (gfx, ex Vertigo)
  • Dweezil (new 12/90)
  • Grendel (swap trade, 11/91-03/94)
  • Heatbeat (music, ex Sector 4, later Rebels, new 12/90)
  • Hoffi (03/89, later Bloodsuckers)
  • Judge
  • Jugi Perfecto (music, later Jugi/Complex, 89)
  • Merit (swap, new 12/90)
  • Raduis (ex SOS, new early90)
  • Speed-Head (music, 04/89)
  • Clever (music, 04/89)
  • CSA
  • Dark Young
  • Extabulator (ex Society [no entry])
  • Hotshot (music, 04/89)
  • Jonez
  • JS (ex Dual Crew)
  • Kannibal (ex Skid Row)
  • Polo (music, 04/89)
  • Radish (old handle Rogue, mid92)

Group History

Byterapers Inc. is a group with tradition; perhaps one of the oldest groups on the entire demoscene! They used to be big on the C64, and I believe many of their Amiga members are originally from the 64. They have lately also been making PC demos with great success!

Their Australian section was formed late 1990.
Turtle joined Sonic in september. Finnish sysop Illegal ('BYTE ALLEY') was a member for exactly one day in november, but was kicked because of bad reactions to his board.

Whale was kicked.

T.O.B joined Damones.

Finnish trader and sysop Python ('TYPHOON', 07/91) joined The Silents. Another source claimed he joined Complex.

The Australian division; Birdzone (new late90), Mogwai (new late90) and The Control (new late90) all joined Insanity.


Muzzax I (ECS Musicdisk)

Muzzax II (1989, 24.04, ECS Musicdisk)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Speedhead, Polo, Clever, Hotshot
12 pieces of music.

Muzzax III (ECS Musicdisk)

Muzzax IV (1989, ECS Musicdisk)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Pole, Speedhead, Jugi
Contains 12 pieces of music.

Muzzax #7 (1991, ECS Musicdisk)

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