Chaos A.D.

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Chaos A.D.


  • Dezecrator (Markus Merilainen, music sysop, ex X-Trade)
  • Terminal Silence (ascii)
  • Flatline (sysop)
  • Aggressor
  • Hellhound
  • Pitcher
  • Prospect (old handle Zacco)

Group History

Chaos A.D. was born as a subgroup of Ram Jam. 'Chaos AD' is also the title of an album by Brazilian trash metallers Sepultura, which is probably an indication of where they got their name.

Trouble was kicked.

Dee, sysop 'UNDERCOVER' joined Delight.

Chaos AD died, and all remaining members joined Ram Jam.

Swedish musician Dose (ex D-Lite/D-29, new PRP4) joined Trance.

The Norwegian division left, and some of the members joined a new group called Duplo; Digital (ex Diffusion, old handle Nurnal) and others.


  • 4AM CLUB