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Trance ([T])

GER> Bizarre (also in Amnesia, 05/93), Hobbes (sysop TECHNODROME, 01/93),
     Luka (Erk Nissen, swap, also in Excess, 01-03/93), Quote (Daniel
     Wettlaufen, swap, 95), Scratch (Henning Scharrer, swap, 95), Sparkanus
     (Peter Muensk, swap, 95).
???> Cruncher (supply, 87), Fat Freddy (old handle Haegar, 12/92), MG
     (crack?, 87), Twist (ex Dominators, new 05/93), Underdog (code, 87).

Trance were a demo group. Rumours say that Trance is dead, and that leader
Benno took the mag A-Head with him to Excess.
  1992 - Bizarre joined Amnesia as his second group, while Haegar changed
his handle to Fat Freddy in december.
  1993 - Rumours that the group was dead, and that its leader Benno took
the mag "A-Head" with him to Excess, published in Fairlight's "Reformation
#2", were incorrect. Luka was interviewed in Oxyron's "Skyhigh #2" [03/93].
Twist joined from Dominators in may. German coder and musician Benno
(01/93-) left for Topaz around june.
  1995 - Larry left for Talent around january.

  Pleasure Flight (1992, 28.12, Demo).
  Released for The Party 92 demo competition.