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DELI NEWS Issue #4

Delinews is here again.

Issue #4 with new and old information about PAULA.


DeliTracker 2.09

Delirium Softdesign have released a new version of DeliTracker. Version 2.09 does not look different from version 2.07 or 2.08. A new noteplayer - Headphone-noteplayer - was programmed for people who use headphones. The startup-code and other internal routines were altered. At last the permission to distribute the DeliSID player from Ron and Hakan. With Face The Music (FTM) player, as well as some other noteplayers there was a small crackling noise when you pressed play and stop, this is now eliminated. A bug in the DeliMix routine was removed. An Align-error in the IFF-8SVX and RIFF-WAV player was also removed. A bug in the requester for the SetComment routine was removed. The Audio-DMA was also wrongly shut off by the noteplayer, that is fixed now. The DeliS3M player was improved.

DeliTracker 2.09 is available on Flowerpower BBS

Player for DeliTracker

"SoundMon" DeliPlayer

Brian Postma developped the sound-editor "SOUNDMON" in 1989. His goal was to join the possibilities of Soundtracker and FutureComposer. It took THREE version of the tracker to accomplish this. No calculated instruments were produced in the very first distributed versions. It was only operated by samples. This was however fixed in the following versions.

The current Sounddata is called " V.3 ", and the previous two are called "BPSM" and "V.2". DeliTracker can at the moment play tunes from Version 2 and 3. Version 1 is not planned to be supported, because there are no tunes available. Extremely small tunes can be made with this editor without quality loss because almost all instruments are caluclated.

Jochen Hippel

Jochen Hippel has already made music on the CBM 64. Later also on the ATARI 700, and ST. A few songs were composed for Amiga as well. Many of them are small masterpieces, such as: 7 Gates of Jambala / Leaving Teramis / Cybernoid II. He made his editor based around the ATARI SoundMonitor. He coded it especially for the possibilities of the ATARI sound hardware.

There are 3 versions of the player for DeliTracker. The TFMX Hippel player, the Hippel-COSO, stands for Crunched Datablock, and was developed in cooperation with Chris Hülsbeck. At the moment this Hippel / Voice player only works on amigas with standard 68000 processors.

There are over 50 tunes available for TFMX Hippel and Hippel Coso. Some of them have up to 10 subsongs.

Nintendo SoundPlayer

There are plans for a player for the Nintendo Soundformat for DeliTracker.


CAMOUFLAGE Midi Sequencer for Amiga !

It requires :

  • Screenmode minnimum 800*600, even better with a GFXCard
  • Minimum 68020 14/28 Mhz
  • Minimum 2 MB Fastram
  • Midi Interface
  • Expander or Keyboard

Features :

  • Much better than Bars and Pipes
  • It can compete with all PC/MAC software
  • SysEx data can be produced
  • Produce own instruments
  • 1000 Workwindows. Insane
  • Remarkable price. Below 199, -DM for version B1.0

For testing purposes there is a demoversion available on FlowerPower BBS.

Prtoracker 4.0

A new era of tracking ?

A guy from Australia is working on a new tracker for Amiga. This soundeditor makes us go into a new era of tracking!

  • 32 Voices through SampleMixing on any Amiga in 8/14 Bit
  • Import 8 / 16 Bit Samples
  • Support for soundcards Toccata, Microdeal PRO, Sunrise ...
  • Midi option
  • Extensive Manipulation Menu
  • Well designed GUI
  • FFT Analyzer
  • Jitter, Shimmer, Harmonic, ....
  • Any sort of Waveform manipulation on any sample ....
  • 128 Samples per Soundtrack
  • Every instrument can consist of 8 samples.
  • And and and and !!

It is not known when this tracker will be ready ! I am looking forward to it.


!!NOTE!! This Document was translated by Spectral/Tulou (Jonas Nyren). And since neither German or English is my native language it is quite possible that there are some mis-spelled words or some grammatical errors and I apologize for those. However as a whole I think you understand what I have written, if not I must take some courses in English :-)

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