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Energy, Awesome and Hypnotic Party was a demo party.

10-11.08  Energy, Awesome and Hypnotic Party.
Held at Keltenhalle in Karlsrühe, Germany for the Amiga scene. Just over
100 people attended the 1-day party. The entrance fee was 5DM with
invitation, 8DM without. Expensive food. Bigscreen. Since compos were held
so late, lots of people left before they were done.
  Even though the original invitation claimed the date of arrangement was
the 13-14th of july, both TEK's partypack "Zappack #14" and a party report
by SOS/Armageddon claims the above date. It was possibly changed after the
invitation was originally published.

· Results from party report in Hack-Mag #6.
· Some information from party report in Cracker Journal #26.

invit   Hypnotic "Party Invitation Demo".

amdemo  1.  Addonic "Partyintro".
        2.  Paradise "Megademo".
        3.  Rebels "Sanity is Dead".
        4.  Vanish "Wanted Musicians".
        5.  Hardline "Relation".
        6.  Visdom "Instand Thing".
        7.  TFB "Demomaker-Demo".
        8.  Panic "Anti-Agnus Demo".

music   1.  Agnostic Front.
        2.  Shining 8.
        3.  Jester/Rebels.
        4.  Visdon.
        5.  The Comrade/Defcon One.

other   Admirals "Party" (amiga intro).
        Mirage "Chit-Chat #1" (amiga diskmag).
        The Flashing Bytes "Trader #3" (amiga diskmag).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Energy, Awesome and Hypnotic Party.

Demo Year Group(s)
Sanity is Dead 1992 Rebels
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