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Delaytro (1997, .10, AGA File)


Review by Glenn Lunder

Bifrost's picture that opens this is mediocre, then we are shown a blue phong-shaded shape over a nicely animated menu, then a cube with the background texturemapped onto it...looks almost like its transparent. Over this some text then appears, explaining how the group was forced to move their party Scene Meeting from october 97 to february of 98. Pressing the lmb makes a caleidoscopic water ripple effect appears, only the pattern does not look a lit like water. Then the cube reappears, and also some more text overlaid onto it. Left mouse bitton, and we get an object with the words TAK INTENS! over an animated background, and then some more text...and it's over. The intro announces Ransom as a new member.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

Scene Meeting 98 InvIntro 1.1 (1998, .01, AGA File)

Scene Meeting 98 InvIntro 1.1

Review by Glenn Lunder

Oh boy, this isn't good. What Iris has done here is take an old intro (1996 - check the version string!) and revive it with some new (I presume!) graphics. Nothing is above average here, and thankfully this is not an important production for them. If it were, they would be left shameful. Improve Iris!
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

Dansktop (1998, AGA Musicdisk)


Review by kempy

Mad Iris brigade wanna show all scene nation that somewhere in Europe exist a little Denmark country. They choose a "music_disk" form to direct a spotlights on their homeland. And? And i should stop talking this bullshits. =) "Dansktop" is a compilation of famous (?) danish pop-folk songs tracked as 4 channels modules. 6 musics where every one is most funny than previous. Only for maniacs! Bandy's graphics are non first league class (especially main screen), except this one picture in credits part, but design at all isn't so bad. Everything looks little trashy, but in my opinion it's a intentional effect (for example in starting text we can read "vomitbag is not included"). Huh, what i should add? Ha! We've got scroller here and info section is typed using a bump mapping procedure. Also this production is system friendly and detects rtg/graphic card. After running from workbench it may runs very slowly (sometimes). Hey ho, hey ho - let the folk be around! =P

Light (2001, 15.04, Demo)


Review by Glenn Lunder

Well, I tried. I tried to run "Light", but it didn't want to play with me =( If someone with superior hardware wants to do one, get in touch, but unfortunately Iris I quite simply can't supply a review of this demo. Eternally sorry. The demo is dedicated to Bandy, Judas and Tricktrax - all of whom sadly decided to leave the scene shortly before the MS party where this demo was released. This means that this demo probably represents Tricktrax' final work on the amiga demoscene.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1

The Puppets (2001, 15.09, AGA HD Multifile Slideshow)

The Puppets

Review by Glenn Lunder

Well, this was well and truly a positive surprise! This large (3,3MB archive) slideshow is actually worth the download, unlike many other recent 'large' productions. Yon is a truly talented pixeler, and it's a delight to sample his work here. His work seems to be a lot more arty than most other pixelers, with his images focusing on more diverse subjects than the usual dragons and ladies. Most of his art has a dark and mystic feel to it, not a horror style, just mildly unsettling. As he admits himself, his pixeling style is far from perfect, but it's the feel of the images that count here, not the techniques. Having said that, some pictures are better than others. Another positive surprise was the music, which is a really unusual piece, an atmospheric tune with the sound of rain falling in the background. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing a production WITHOUT a drum'n'base soundtrack for a change, perhaps it's just me, but I feel I've seen (or heard) perhaps one or two too many of those recently ;) Very close to a "significant prodcution". It opens a screenmode selector when run, which probably means it will adopt well to being run on graphics-card systems. The slideshow uses Crust/Nah-Kolor's xmplayer.library, which is included.