Magnetic Fields (group)

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Magnetic Fields (MF, 1989-1991)

Magnetic Fields was an Amiga demo group.


United Kingdom
Anz (gfx, 02/90)
Bastard (code, 02/90)
Blaster (org swap, 02/90)
Cosy (trade swap, 02/90-06/91)
Dextrous (code music, old handle Yaz, 02/90)
Engineer (sysop WHQ, 06/91)
Frap (swap, 02/90-06/91)
Frenzy (gfx, 02/90)
Hassle (code, 02/90)
Hippy (trade, 06/91)
Hit (code, 02/90)
JCM (swap, 06/91)
No. 5 (mainorg, 02/90)
Opal (trade swap, 02/90)
Sister Arv (gfx 3d, 02/90)
Spike (music, 02/90)
Spook (code music, 02/90)

Group History

Magnetic Fields was born in England February 18th 1989, as a merger between the two groups Sub-Zero and Nitro A.C. They remained an English based group throughout their existence.

The group arranged an internal party in 1989, and then two 'proper' parties in 1990, the 'Select' (February) and 'Revenge' (October) parties.

They were reorganized, and all of the best German and English members formed Digital in the middle of 91. Among the guys that went along to the new group are No.5, Spook (code), Kevin, Duncan and Dextrous. Cosy joined Anarchy, while Scott (ex Panic) joined Awesome mid 91. Duncan, Kevin and Grim joined Digital.