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MultiPlayer main panel

MultiPlayer first appeared in 1991.

In it's 17 month development period it has had numerous amendments, up to and including the final v1.32.

Work ceased on MultiPlayer in 1992.


MultiPlayer main panel

With it's XMOD, AMOD and GMOD formats, it was the first to pioneer a method that would later become know as the Custom format on DeliTracker.

Probably the only player in existence to support sequenced IFF-8SVX samples, as created by Audiomaster III or greater.

Supported Formats

(Taken from the MultiPlayer documentation)

Built-in Replayers

MultiPlayer currently supports the following module types: -

Player Comment
15-instrument SoundTracker modules (most anyway)
31-instrument SoundTracker /
NoiseTracker 1.3D modules
Protracker 1.0-1.1B modules
SoundTracker 2.6 modules
NoiseTracker 1.3D packed modules (with or without the embedded player)
NoisePacker 2.01 modules
Digital Sound Studio modules
StarTrekker 1.2 AM/FM modules (Extra '.NT' file required)
MED 3.00-3.21 and OctaMED /
OctaMED Pro modules
Modules (MMD0, MMD1) only - not "Song&Samples" files.
Oktalyzer 4- and 8-channel modules Uses my own 8-channel play engine. 8-channel modules will be slightly higher quality on a 68020+ processor.
SoundFX V1.3 executable modules (Player V2.2) Will probably ONLY work with this version, since it does some run-time patching to make it play under MultiPlayer.
Future Composer 1.3 ('SMOD') and 1.4 ('FC14') modules
JamCrackerPro 1.0a modules
SoundMonitor 2.0 modules
SidMon 2.1 modules
Delta Music modules (two versions)
Mark II modules
Dave Whittaker modules
Face The Music modules (DO NOT COMPRESS!)
This is very kludgy at best - you must have "PlayFTM:" ASSIGNed to the PlayFTM program file. (Didn't know you could ASSIGN to a file? Now you do!) The procedure involves loading the module, the external player, and then the module again. Ack!
Generic embedded-player modules that start with something like
jmp init(pc)
jmp music(pc)
jmp end(pc)
(Such as NoiseTracker 1.3 packed w/player modules)
AudioMaster III sequenced 8SVX sounds (mono only)
'XMOD', 'AMOD', and 'GMOD' formats

External Players

Sadly, MultiPlayer pre-dates DeliTracker, and doesn't support external players.

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