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Paul Tankard
photo of Paul Tankard


Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Comments Year Team / Publisher
Alien World 1992 PAL Developments / HiTec Software
Dalek Attack 1992 Alternative Software / Alternative Software
Dennis 1993 Ocean / Ocean
Dennis (CD³²) 1993 Ocean / Ocean
F1 - World Championship Edition 1995 Peak Star Software / DoMark
Jungle Strike 1994 Hyperial, Electronic Arts / Ocean
Operation Firestorm 1993 Phillip Ruston / F1 Licenceware
Suburban Commando 1993 Alternative Software / Alternative Software
Thomas the Tank Engine 1992 Peak Star / Alternative Software
Thomas the Tank Engine II 1993 Peak Star / Alternative Software


Demo Comments Year Group / Party
No Paul Tankard demo music in the archive
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