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This game is an official conversion, tie-in or a blatant rip-off, see Lost In Translation/Space Ace
See also: Dragon's Lair Demo
Space Ace Demo
Space Ace Demo box scan

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Composer(s) Chris Stone
Team(s) ReadySoft
Publisher(s) ReadySoft
Music Format(s) Custom
Year published 1989

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Download archive Game/Stone_Chris/Space_Ace_Demo.lha
All the audio is sampled from the original arcade Laserdisc version of the game. David Foster and Jorge Freitas are credited for the audio in the Amiga version.

Don Adan points out that, "This is the second Amiga music known to me which originally used blitter support. All (2) blitter routines have been converted to normal Amiga procedures."

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png cust.Space_Ace_Demo 165116 Chris Stone Space Ace Demo 1989 ReadySoft
File List End v2.png cust.Space_Ace_Demo_Short 148736 Chris Stone Space Ace Demo 1989 ReadySoft
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