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Full animated version of an intro logo made for ExoticA in 1999 by XtC, to coincide with the release of Episode 1. Yes, XtC is a Star Wars fan :)

Advert mutilation and artistically 'boinged' by XtC. The original animation was created by Eric Schwartz for the Amiga.

Intro Logo Star Wars topleft.gifIntro Logo Star Wars topright.jpg Intro Logo Star Wars bottom.jpg

XtC's Inspiration

Teaser poster for Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace.
I'm obsessed with Star Wars, I'm proud to admit it!

When the first of new poster artwork showed itself on the Star Wars website the idea hit me instantly! I had to create a Star Wars themed ExoticA logo, but it had to be relevant to the Amiga before I would even consider showing it to BuZz - so what was I to do...?

I've always been a fan of Eric Schwartz' work and I remembered his Amy vs Walker animation - I wanted to use it, but not without his permission. I explained my mad idea to Eric in an e-mail seeking his permission - and Eric said yes!

So, after a long process of removing Eric's original background from this animation, I then had to tweak the animation itself to make it fit within the boundaries created by the new logo. That's why the AT-AT appears to fly after it leaps towards the boinged Lars' home. Ahem.

My original idea was to make Anakin's shadow resemble the Windoze logo, but I chickened out and redrew Darth Vader!

I used Personal Paint, Photogenics and ImageFX for this logo.
- XtC

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