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ExoticA Intro Logos

When the first version of the ExoticA website was made in 1997, it had a "Splash Screen" with colourful logo before entering the site (Which also doubled as a page to allow the user to choose frames or not). Later on User:XtC joined the project, and showed off his graphic skills by making various seasonal and topical logos for the site. Here you will find the selection of graphics we have used over the years.


This logo was rendered on Lightwave by Cache/Digital. It was the first logo ever used on the intro page of ExoticA.


A fantastic Amiga Styled logo drawn by XtC. This became the main logo which many of the later ones were based on. The background is made up from screen shots from a few Amiga music programs.
A logo based on the Main ExoticA logo, but with an evil pumpkin instead of a boing ball. Drawn by XtC.
A very festive logo based on a newer version of the main logo which was used in 1999. Drawn by XtC.


Newer version of the main ExoticA intro logo made by XtC. Improved shading on the Amiga 'tick' and a new metallic shading effect on the lettering.
A fun Easter logo from XtC utilising a nice graphic from the classic Budbrain Megademo. Those letters sure look yummy! :)
An animated logo based on a Star Wars Episode 1 advert. Shows Amy the squirrel chasing a walker in the background. Advert mutilation and artisticly 'boinged' by XtC. Thanks to Eric Schwartz also :)

View full animated version and more information.
A beautiful logo made for ExoticA by XtC for the eclipse over Europe on the 11th August 1999.


Amusing logo made for the start of the new millennium when many were worrying about the 'bug'. Amiga's generally don't suffer with any Year 2000 problems although a few Amiga programs did (LHA/LZX/Protracker). Amiga OS itself won't see any date problems for a while yet. (Not including a small bug in the version command). The logo was put together by XtC.
Logo made for Valentine's Day featuring Petro Tyschtschenko. Cute eh? :) Logo put together by XtC.
Beautiful logo made by XtC in the Psygnosis style.
I decided to go ahead with the Ali G logo, regardless of the fact that no-one outside of the UK knew who he was. Since he's now in Madonna's new video 'Music', everyone should be able to recognise him. (I hope)
/ XtC
Guest logo made for ExoticA by Leunam/Network. Big thanks to him for taking the time to make something for Xmas! :)


Fantastic logo by XtC based on the original Ocean logo from Bob Wakelin. A large version of the logo was used for the Exoticons Icon pack.
/ BuZz
Fantastic logo by XtC based on the original Ocean logo from Bob Wakelin. This is the full size, unscaled version.
/ BuZz
Large version of the Oceaotica logo by XtC which was used for the Exoticons Icon pack.
A very different styled logo from Yon / IRIS used for October.


Beautiful logo made in the Team17 style by XtC.
Beautiful logo made in the Team17 style by XtC - alternate unused version with a lense flare.