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Exoticons is an Icon pack for HD installed Amiga Games created from high quality box scans. Version 1.0 contains 1500 icons and comes in a version for NewIcons and for OS3.5/3.9. OS3.5/3.9..

Exoticons v1.0

Exoticons V1.0 Screenshot (OS3.5 version on Scalos)
Exoticons v0.01 Workbench Screenshot

Finally, Version 1.0 release of Exoticons is here.

Exoticons currently comes in 2 flavours, NewIcons and an OS3.5/3.9 version.

Exoticons consists of 1500 icons created from high quality box scans of Amiga games. Certainly, it must be the largest game icon collection currently available for the Amiga. The Original scans and information can be found at the ExoticA website. (Although at the time of writing (31/05/2001) this only 1100 of the images are available for download at the site).

I recommend you use Exoticons with the excellent WHDLOAD - a great AmigaOS friendly game install package.

They also can be used with other HD install systems such as JST.

Each icon is 128 colours and has its own palette meaning they will probably not look good if you don't have many free pens (aga) or are viewing many on screen at the same time. The OS3.5/3.9 icons are 128x128 pixels in size. If you are using Scalos with the latest beta Icon System and a graphics card, you can enjoy the collection even more, as it does not suffer from sharing pens between icons.

Included with this release, as a bonus, is the latest version of my Game Information Text and a great little intro to watch to introduce the icons.


Wildwest, Jan Krolzig, Greeble, Marcus Gerards, Dante, Frost, Mnemotron, MazzelSiD, Joachim Ljunggren, Mathias Ortmann, J Jenson, David Banz, Elend, Jean-Francois Fabre, Alexander Holland, Panther, Dominic Holmes, Mr. Tickle, Ronald van Dijk, Skid, Tom, Conan, Buzz, Zeg
Exoticons Logo
XtC (Based on artwork from Bob Wakelin)
Intro Code
Software used to create Exoticons
  • ImageMagick - Excellent open source image manipulation program, that I used for the scaling and colour reduction.
  • Image2Icon - Great program from Stephan Rupprecht that was used for the actual icon creation from the scaled scans.
  • Perl - For the image conversion scripting.
  • TVPaint
  • PPaint
  • Photogenics
  • IconEdit

ExoticA and Exoticons is an IRIS production.
Thanks to all the people who have helped to make this possible.

Use the icons as you wish, but always give credit where due.


Exoticons screenshot
Composer(s) Flemming Søndergård
Group(s) IRIS
Released At
Music Format(s) The Player 6.x
Year published 2001

UnExoticA Music Files

The Exoticons icon pack v1.0 contains a small intro with some demo effects. The music is available here for download as part of the UnExoticA collection.


Download archive Demo/Sondergaard_Flemming/Exoticons.lha

Filename File Size Composer Demo Year Group
File List End v2.png p60.Exoticons_Intro 6430 Flemming Søndergård Exoticons Intro 2001 Iris
Saturday 18 January 2003 (XtC): Added to collection
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