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Project XtC
Project XtC screenshot
Composer(s) Jason Skelly
Group(s) No Frills
Released At
Music Format(s) MED
Year published 1995

About The Demo

I (XtC) created my first mix of some of my favorite game music tunes using MED back in 1992. The games featured are Alien Breed, Gods, Magic Pockets and of course Project-X.

I then decided to write a simple demo to accompany it, so I used AMOS and released it under the No Frills label - although I didn't actually release it!

At the time, AMOS didn't support the MED format, so I had to work around that. I created the loading screen to keep people entertained as it took a while to copy the 588,290 byte music file onto the RAM: disk.

Once the file was copied, I then triggered the MED player to start playing the music and begin the demo. Only trouble was, the music was in memory twice, so this demo needed over 1MB to run! Sorry!

UnExoticA Music Files


Download archive Demo/Skelly_Jason/Project_XtC.lha
Fortunately, this musicdisk was never publically released! (Actually it's on-line at XtC's homepage)

Filename File Size Composer Demo Year Group
File List End v2.png med.Project XtC 588290 Jason Skelly Project XtC 1995 XtC / No Frills
Thursday 28 November 2002 (XtC): Added to collection
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