Zero Defects

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Zero Defects

Zero Defects was an Italian group, and was the best group in Italy 1990-91. They also had divisions in at least England. In time, the group died, as many members went off to make games.



Cap. Zoc (gfx, late '90)
Doctor Sam (trade sysop 'EXTREMA', late '90-early '96)
Irax (Christian, swap)
Marco (gfx, late '90)
Reflex (code swap, late '90)
Paranoid (code, late '90)
Terminator (code, late '90)
Xenio (code, late '90)
Ye Olde Wizard (Stephen John Pain, music, ex Phaze 101)
  • Italian coder Darkman joined Ram Jam.
  • Graphician The Punisher (late '90) left the scene, only to return some time later as Dr.Kaya of Nerve Axis.
  • Maltese coder Paranoid (ex Phaze 101) left the scene, and Pseudonym also left.


Is It Possible To... (1990 late, ECS Demo)


  • BRAINCELLS (ITA, late '90)
  • BROTHERHOOD (ITA, late '90).

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